"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 9 February 2012


that's the grade i give today!  : )  

lots accomplished at work, which i was really keen on especially since i was gone for 2 hours for my dr appt, and i had a meeting w/ my boss.  the meeting went really well & we came up w/ some ideas that i think will really help efficiency!  i had a couple things to share w/ her about customer service - which afterward i felt a little silly just because sometimes i feel like i'm maybe TOO passionate about customer service.  but i just know that a great CS experience can shape the way you think about a company.  and since i am essentially customer service for the employees of our company, having them think well of the company they, too, work for can only be good for the entire enterprise.  don'tchya think?  

anyway, dr appt went very well.  i've lost 57 lbs in the past year & a half, and dr was very pleased w/ that.  altho i have a long way to go, still, it feels good to be on the right track!  and to have that confirmed.  i got to have some nice text chats w/ erin, joy, sarah & trish while i waited.  i forgot my book, but that was okay because of those conversations!  : )  

the afternoon went sooooo slooooow today, tho!  it wasn't bad, i just was chomping at the bit to be done w/ the day.  *laugh*  i was looking forward to hanging out w/ trish & also fish for dinner!  of course, trish texted while she was at the store & they were out of fish.  bummer!  hopefully we can have it next week, tho... : )  

i booked it outta there at 4:30 - well, i was shutting down my computer at 4:30 but ended up staying a few minutes later talking to one of the bosses & a couple other ppl.  i came home to change into my jammie pants & a sweatshirt (it was COLD!) & called aunt jan to check in on her.  she's doin alright but her leg is still sore (can't remember if i mentioned, she hurt a tendon in her leg playing pickleball a couple weeks ago!).  we had a nice chat.  she mentioned that the Lord gave her & uncle jerry the same message at the same time about donating to a church project, and so they decided to sacrificially give up their annual trip to florida in march.  i think it's so neat that He impressed the same message upon both their hearts at the exact same time, and neither of them said anything until later that day at lunch.  awesome!!  : )  

i decided to take the morning off work tomorrow, so i'm going to drop off my tax stuff (finally!) and go to mom's for a bit before going in.  and also i will sleep in til about 9!!  : D 

i got to trish's about 6 & she made lemon pepper chicken, veggies, and sweet potatoes for dinner.  DELISH!  big bang theory, rob!, secret circle & the mentalist were all EXCELLENT tonight!  such a nice night!!  : )  

now, tho, i am about ready to drop!  time for bed for sure!  hope your day went well & that you and i have a blessed tomorrow!  : )  


not to do w/ anything - joy mentioned this website & i started reading & if i didn't really need to go to bed, i'd still be reading it.  it is amazingly sad how parents can be so cruel.  : (    it's called deadbeat mom & if you choose to check it out, don't be fooled by the red & black background & graphics.  the author has some very intelligent points, and the things he and his child have had to go thru the past many years make me want to take all the kids i know in similar situations & hug them til they know their daddies love them!!!  oye.  

also, if you check out the site, let me know what you think... 


  1. carrie marie, if i could spend a day with you-- that would be so much fun! :) jammies, tv shows, and food and wonderful conversation-- you are my kind of girl!

    hurray for the weight loss. Pish, i don't care if you think you have a long way to go because a.) you're beautiful but 57 pounds? THAT'S A LOT! and you should be so proud of yourself. i'm proud of you! happy dance! :)

    can i just say i've missed you? and i'm sorry if i've been under a cloud of sorts, but a letter soon with explanation-- i promise! :)

    1. *HUGS* thank you, mics!! i cannot wait for your letter, i love hearing from you!! : )

      also, we for sure would have a BALL hanging out! we WILL one of these days!! : )