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Sunday, 19 February 2012

oh, i don't know!

hi party peeps!  how was your sunday?  

i woke up & the headache was gone, thank God!  however, i was scared to stay up - i really didn't want it to come back!  *laugh*  so  i slept for another hour or so, but then i had to get up to get to trish's.  

had fun there!  i didn't help w/ a lot the crafty stuff, but i did keep arianna entertained & koltin for a bit, too.  we worked on glass etching, bouteniers (er, i know that's not how you spell that), invitations, and shower invites.  

i had to leave at 2:30-ish because the headache was coming back & i really just wanted to drop!  i came home & took a short nap, watched some kyle xy after awhile & worked on my picture walls.  i went thru my postcrossings & other postcards to pull out all the turtles i could find.  i'm going to put them up in my bedroom, i think.  eventually i'll also get my giant sea turtle picture up where i want it... a while turtle theme, even!  woot!  ; )  in the hallway i'm going to put some other animals, skies and castles, i think.  and then DC & state capitol cards in the library.  i'd like to do something in the guest room & bathrooms as well, but i'm not sure what yet.  i'll have to go thru the cards again to see what theme i want to work on for those.  : )  

juli called to see if i could watch the kids for a couple hours tomorrow night & we also had a good chat while ruth was taking a nap.  woot!  

then leyton called about 5:45 from phil's & asked if i wanted to come over to play some games.  i, of course, said YES.  : )  we played concentration & catch & volleyball & snuggled a LITTLE bit & then it was time for him to leave.  

mom & i watched amazing race (rachel & brendan from BB are on!  woot!) & then celebrity apprentice.  except i was falling asleep before the end, so i came home - the cold woke me up!  LOL  i'll watch the rest later, tho.  i loved the first ep!  : )  

the headache has mostly stayed away tonight, so that's a plus.  i hate headaches!!  hopefully it'll stay completely away tomorrow!!  : )  

off to bed!  ttfn!

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