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Saturday, 4 February 2012

good day

today was a good, happy, fun day!  other than a little attitude from my little nephew.  LOL  

i made it to the post office to get my secret cupid package mailed out.  yay!  then i met mom at the theatre for One For The Money.  oh my heck, so good!!!  they focused on the funny & skipped over the scary parts, which was cool except i'd kinda been looking forward to seeing more of stephanie & morelli's friendship developing.  a lot of that comes about because she's in so much danger & he's there to help her.  but i really liked katherine heigel as stephanie, and the dude from Terra Nova as morelli.  and not ONLY because he's hot.  ; ) i do love his smile... and perhaps his abs.  

anywhoo... after the movie, we went to red lobster for lunch.  i had flounder for the first time & it was stuffed w/ a crabcake & it was goooooooood.  i am a fan of delicious flavor for sure!  : )  

phil texted to see if i could watch leyton while mom went to church, so he could go into work early, so i headed over there after lunch.  we played payday & w/ his new truck & cuddled a bit & watched disney channel & also There Goes A Train.  he was a little stinker part of the night, but promised to be good tomorrow.  *laugh*  

i thought i would get home earlier to have time to chat w/ april more, but i did get to talk to her a little this morning, so that was nice!  

now i'm finishing up Roar & doing some laundry & then hitting the hay.  tomorrow i'm meeting trish, marcie & maybe amy for brunch at steeplegate.  looking forward to some yummy coffee & more delicious food!  they have an awesome fruit & salad collection!  of course, i'll want some crispy bacon, too, if it's there... : )  


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