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Monday, 13 February 2012

i love canadians

i don't know when my love started.  degrassi?  our trip to Niagara Falls?  paul gross on Due South?  that hot cop on Rookie Blue?  : )  i promise my love of canada is only PARTIALLY hot-guy related!  i loved driving thru toronto, seeing the Falls, hearing the accents.  i often say i "miss" canada - but i was only there once.  still, i'd like to go back!  

it's funny, tho - at least 90% of the time when there is an actor/performer that i like or think is cute, they are canadian.  *laugh*  6% of the time they are some other nationality w/ an awesome accent (greek, as in yanni; australian as in hugh jackman; scottish as in sean connery... or is he welsh...?).  so that leaves only 4% for non-accented american dudes.  and actually, if you're american & have an accent of some sort, you're a leg up on the non-accented ones.  LOL  sorry!  

idk what made me think of that today!  well, other than i attempted to watch Endgame but my computer was not having it tonight, so i'm watching kyle xy.  matt dallas is cute, and he's not canadian.  LOL   and i sorta miss being in love.  the fun part, not the achy part.  heh.  

so anywhooooo!  today was a crazy, crazy monday!  they usually are, i know.  *laugh*  and it snowed, but not too badly.  didn't have to shovel, really - just used the shovel to push a bit of snow off the porch & walkway.  and it's really pretty when it isn't causing me extra work.  LOL  

tonight was my only "free" night this week - would have been the perfect night to get groceries!  unfortunately, payday is still a day away.  *laugh*  so, instead of groceries, i came home to putter around & do some laundry & make breakfast for dinner again.  i love breakfast!  : )  

tomorrow is the movie w/ trish, yay!  aside from hang out time & the actual movie, i'm looking forward to MOVIE POPCORN!  : )  

what're you doing for valentine's?  hearts & flowers or movies & popcorn or friends & dinner or chillin w/ the hulu?  


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