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Friday, 3 February 2012

some days i wish i were crafy

or should it be, "i wish i was crafty?"  there are just some grammar rules that escape me.  usually because they're different in british writing!  

anyway, after work today i went to michael's to pick up some things for the cheeseblarg's secret cupid exchange.  i spent some time pouring over various crafting/baking supplies, thinking of fun things i could do w/ them.  some ideas come to me from Pinterest, some are just dreams i've seemingly always had.  like my dream of making a paint color-sample card picture.  i can see it SO CLEARLY in my mind, how i want it to look.  i pick out the colors & then... whenever i try to actually implement it, it sucks.  :(  still, i enjoy imagining the crafty things i want to make!  

sometimes things work out - like my photo wall.  : )  it's in a constant state of flux, but it looks nice!  i have another thought that i'll begin implementing soon, which is like my photo wall, but with postcards.  i started out putting the cards in a photo album, but i have too many now (yay!) to fit!  i could get another album, of course, but how often do i really look at the album?  if they're on my walls, they will serve as decoration and remind me of all the fun i have with postcrossing!  so, that's my new project.  the first step will be gathering all the cards & grouping them, somehow.  this might be the most difficult part!  

i'll let ya know how it goes, eh?  : ) 

today we had a delicious super bowl celebration at work.  i brought pretzel chips & roasted pine nut hummus.  it was pretty good - the hummus pretty well disappeared anyway!  heh!  there was a lot of good food - dips & fruit & crackers & of course the usual "junk" food - cakes, cookies, cupcakes... someone made a really good apple cake (might have been tastefully simple), which i had a couple bites of.  : )  i'm sure i had one too many bites of individual things, but i did really well in controlling how much i had for the most part.  this was definitely a good thing!  my favorite 3 things were the maid rite meat, cheese/rotel dip, and the brownies.  it was a struggle to have only 2 bites of the brownies!!!  taste bud-wise, i could have eaten the whole plate, happily.  *laugh*  oh!  also, someone ordered cinnamon vanilla coffee mate for the breakroom, and it is a toss up btwn that & peppermint mocha as my favorite creamer.  yum!  

bret called this afternoon to see if he could borrow my car to go on an interview.  i said sure & he even gave me gas money!  which will actually be brunch money for sunday.  : )  his interview went well, and when he got back, i took off at 4:30 instead of staying an hour later so i could drive him home.  otherwise he would have walked - which he's adept at doing, and he doesn't live terribly far from where i work, but it's cold & foggy out, and i'd been there since 7:30, so it was all good!  *laugh*  PLUS!  the Lord granted me a very productive day, and i was able to get more claims done than i thought i could!  yay!  

anyway, it was good to see him, even briefly, and he gave me some DVD's his mom got at the library.  i'm watching one now - a series starring heath ledger called Roar.  it's kinda along the lines of Hercules/Xena, but where they thrived for many (MANY) seasons, this one only lasted for one, i think.  pity!  it also stars sebastian rochè, who played jerry jax on GH for awhile!  

i spent a good portion of tonight trying to figure out what to have for supper!  i was hungry, but nothing sounded good - or everything sounded good but nothing sounded like what i wanted to make.  LOL  so eventually i had some corn & a couple vienna sausages... and i'm thinking a PB & jam waffle will be in order soon.  or a bowl of cereal, but the PB & jam just sounds good.  

tomorrow mom's picking me up around noon to see One For The Money & go to linner.  woot!  

what're you up to this weekend?


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