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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

thunder snow

someone was talking about that on the radio this morning & i thought it was funny.  

of course, what i don't think is funny is the fact that we're supposed to be GETTING snow tonight & tomorrow & it's potentially blechy.  boo!  i really don't mean to whine about the snow every time it happens.  i mean, i live in the midwest, and yucky humidity in the summer and snow storms in the winter are part of the deal.  i get it, i know.  but i don't LIKE either of those things.  at least w/ humidity i can stay inside.  i mean, still have to go out in the summer, right?  it's just different in the winter, because driving in snow (certain kinds of snow, not all snow) is a pain.  traipsing thru the snow in the shoes i wear to work is a pain.  shoveling?  actually kinda fun.  *laugh*  if i'm shoveling OUT.  if i get home & there's a hip-high drift in my driveway & path to my house... NOT fun.  i hope i remember to bring my shovel w/ me when i leave for work... 

and it's been such a nice, mild winter so far!  we're almost into spring for pete's sakes!  so i am VERY, VERY grateful for that!  

today was nice.  a little on the crazy side, but still nice!  AND i got to leave on time!!  : )  likely won't be able to say the same tomorrow - altho if the weather is really bad, i will leave on time & let whatever wait til friday.  deadline's already passed for this week (w/ flying colours!).  : )  

i came home for an hour to watch some Glee & then met mom at the chinese buffet for some sushi & crab ragoon & some delicious walnut shrimp!  YUM!  altho, the sushi was not as delicious as it is at other places.  idk if they use a different wrap or rice or ... idk!  i mean, i would think a philadelphia roll or a california roll should taste pretty much the same no matter where it's from, right?  same ingredients, same way to prepare it... nope!  ah well, i'll make it to osaka for some FABULOUS sushi soon.  : D  

mom & i had a good dinner, tho, and nice convo & then i stopped at WM to put $10 of gas in my car.  at the current prices, $10 got me just shy of 3 gallons.  it nearly makes me weep, as i distinctly remember being able to put $10-$12 in my tank & it being FULL.  *sniffle*  stupid dependency on foreign oil.  bah.  anyway, so i did that & then went down to mom's to watch Survivor (seriously there is one tribe that is just DUMB (no spoilers)) & Criminal Minds (man, i have MISSED that show!) & CSI, which was pretty good.

got home a little after 10 & finished watching Glee - i'm not sure i really liked last week's episode.  it was okay, not awful or anything, but i was expecting ... more, or something... from rachel's dads. did anyone else get that vibe?  and i can't decide if i am rooting for rachel & finn to get married or not.  

now i'm watching a couple eps of GH & then BED for moi!  GH is SO SAD right now.  SO SAD.  :(  but robert & anna will be back - and what ever happened to my OLTL peeps coming to port charles?  i'm confused - they made it sound like they would be coming right over, but OLTL has been done for a whole month already ...!  

i hope your day went well & that you have a GREAT thursday!  


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  1. oh, also, I WANT TO GO TO BARRY MANILOW on the 8th!