"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


i waited too long to write this & now i am too tired to write everything i want to!  and by tomorrow, i'll have forgotten it - which is why i write every day, so i don't forget stuff.


anyway, funny thing this morning - spammy email went to EVERYONE IN THE COMPANY (pretty much).  now, this would not normally be cause for amusement.  but of course, the way this was set up, it looked like it was only sent to one or two ppl.  so about 150 ppl hit "reply to all" to say varying versions of, "i think you sent this to the wrong person," and "all you ppl replying to all are contributing to the problem!"  (ironically, replying to all to yell at the ppl replying to all does THE SAME THING!)  LOL  i set up a rule in my email so they all went directly to my deleted items, and then i went merrily on my way working.  : )  

had a pretty productive day of memorials and vacations.  i got to talk to a friend's aunt, totally unknown to me, and later my friend came to me to tell me that her aunt said i was a very nice girl.  : )  i love compliments!  *laugh*  (well, who doesn't, really?)  

i left ON TIME (i know, shocking!) and mom & leyton picked me up about 5:30 from home.  we picked anthony & jen up, took jen to her friend's house so she could catch a ride to volleyball, and then mom & the boys & i went to incredible pizza for dinner.  i love their buffet, except i was disappointed in their salad bar today.  they usually have more veggie options and green olives, which were missing.  boo!  everything else was delish, tho!  : )  and after we ate, the boys & i went to play while mom stayed in the "gym" & read her book.  all the games were fun, but i think leyton had the most fun on the bumper "cars" which are really more like saucers... heh.  even anthony had a good time!  yay!  

when i got home, i didn't get to watch as much as i'd planned, but the important thing was the michael jackson ep of Glee, which i DID get to watch!  yay!  so, so, SO amazing.  i loved it!  can't wait for the soundtrack, which i hope they will be putting out?!  : )  

i got a beautiful postcard from my friend, laura, and a postcrossing from cheshire, great britain.  love mail!  i also got a neat postcard from aunt judy the other day.  i really need to get scanning & organizing these cards... 

and that's all i got today.  please keep my cousins jerry & bradley in prayer.  jerry's having surgery soon on some discs in his neck, and bradley's going thru chemo & also surgery in march.  God is good, all the time, and He listens to our prayers.  please also keep my health in prayer, if you would?  

thanks much & ttfn!

love you guys!

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