"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 16 February 2012

where do the days go?!

once again home after 10, to try & catch up on blogs (only got thru 4, i think), look at websites (Sybaris - i want to stay here, oh my heck!  i'll have to call & see if their pools are chlorinated...that would be so neat if they used something i am not allergic to!), tool around FB for a bit... lol  and before i know it, the clock reads 11:37!  

so i'll just say - how was your thursday?  work went well on this end, quite a bit accomplished, i was happy w/ that!  after work, i went to Hallmark & got a bunch of cards, plus some christmas gifts for this year ($8 ornaments for $1.87!!).  woot!  then it was off to trish's for dinner & tv & friend time!  : )  she (and al helped) made some YUMMY fish & shrimp & veggies... mmmm!  definite must have again!  i really like the lemon pepper seasoning she used; she'd used it on chicken one night, as well, and it's just tasty!  we watched two HILARIOUS episodes of big bang theory (once again, i say, "april, you were right!  it's a great show!"), a fairly funny episode of rob, SECRET CIRCLE (awesome! but now it's gone for a month?  what the crap?!), and a so-so mentalist which had a great guest star (she was on Firefly & V!).  : )  

so, that's that!  i know, uber-quick recap, right?  i hope your day went well!  ttfn!  : )  


  1. At least you made it through my blog. That's all that matters. ; )