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Saturday, 11 February 2012

oh, also, whitney houston

oh my heck, totally shocked by the death of whitney houston today.  as i said earlier in a fb status - i don't consider myself a "fan" of whitney houston.  i like most of her music from the 80's (i wanna dance w/ somebody is still my #1 favorite of her songs) and the bodyguard.  and i know she was married to bobby brown, has a daughter named bobbi, and battled drugs for a long time.  other than that, i haven't "followed" her career.  

but it's sad that she passed away so young.  she was only 48 years old, and she has family and friends who love her, not for being famous but just for being herself.  it's sad that - if it was drug related - she couldn't get away from the drugs long enough to heal properly.  

and it's sad that ppl find it necessary to make jokes about her death - such as that now there's more coke for charlie sheen.  :(  i'm sure they thought that was clever or funny or whatever, but i just thought it was bad taste.  sometimes we make jokes, but there's usually a time of respect offered when those jokes are generally seen as inappropriate.  

so, anyway.  i just felt like writing that.  


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  1. I think I am still in shock that she's really gone. It was crazy because yesterday my mom was listening to Whitney Houston in the shower while I was waiting on her to get ready to run errands with me. And then we found out later that night. She gave us some of the most beautiful songs. I think Micaela must have watched the Bodyguard a million times growing up. She was in love with Kevin Costner! Will you be watching the Grammy's tonight? I'm looking forward to seeing how they pay tribute to such an amazing artist.