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Monday, 20 February 2012

wet snow & love

it didn't look like it was going to snow - bright & sunny today.  but coooold!  then, interestingly, it seems like it warmed up tonight & produced this wet, heavy, slushy snow.  which trish was kind enough to text me about while i was babysitting.  LOL  

quite a busy day, was at work til about 6, which was surprising because i had positioned myself quite well for it to be a smooth day - i thought - on friday before i left!  *laugh*  i should never underestimate the power of a payroll cutoff on a monday, tho.  so, everyone's claims were processed, many timecards were created/fixed/etc., and i even tossed in some new employee help here & there!  heh.  : )  it was a good day, and i love good days!  

after work, i treated myself to pineapple fried rice at the thai restaurant.  : )  i had about an hour at home to eat it & read the FB (and a couple blogs) before heading over to juli's.  the kids hugged me when i came in & that felt REALLY good.  i love hugs!  : )  we had fun for an hour or so, watching dino train & reading & andrew hid himself in a box... LOL  i wish i would have taken a picture of that, it was cute!  : )  and then it was bedtime.  they went to bed fairly well, even!  : )  

i'd forgotten my book (d'oh!), but i texted w/ trish (who told me of snow) & cleaned out a bunch of pics on my phone.  (see, if i'd thought about it i could have taken that picture of andrew w/ my phone, yeesh!)  i think i fell asleep for a bit - the snow put juli about 40 minutes behind schedule, but that was okay because her couch is comfortable!!  heh.  AND i got to see baby ruth when they got home.  : )  i would have liked to stay a bit & visit, but i needed to get home.  my plan was to sleep... but then i wanted to watch Glee (ricky martin!!!) & of course had to blather on about my day for posterity's sake.  LOL  

so, now the show's over & i really need to go to bed!  : )  i hope your monday was productive & blessed!  


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