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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

castles in my hulu

i got to leave work at 5 tonight after only 9 hours!  woot!  *laugh*  the days just go by SO FAST!  which, i love, don't get me wrong.  sometimes makes it hard to get everything accomplished that i would like, tho.  but having ppl say to me, "thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me," makes me feel like a million bucks & then i don't even mind answering the phone on my lunch break & not getting to finish my sandwich til much later!  (actually, eating the sandwich that slowly worked out quite well, as i wasn't finished eating it til 1:30 or 2, i wasn't starving again when i left work!  : )  ) 

found a couple gift cards for target in my purse & they collectively had $11 on them, so after work i went to target to pick up some milk & hummus.  : )  and also a couple cute $1 spot notebooks for a couple ppl.  i absolutely, positively LOVE finding little gifties that make me think of someone & sending those gifties to said ppl!  i love sending little smiles thru the mail or in person!  

as i pulled into the parking lot, i saw a little boy in a cart, and he looked like leyton.  i knew it was NOT leyton as the woman pushing the cart was not jen.  *laugh*  however, it turned out that the woman pushing the cart was my friend, heather, and the little boy was her son, logan!  logan and leyton DO resemble each other - so much so that when leyton saw logan's picture on the christmas card, he asked why he (leyton) was on the card.  i said, "that's not you, hon," & he looked again & said, "oh, he looks like me!"  LOLOLOL

we chatted for a couple minutes & hugged & made plans to kidnap juli for lunch.  woot!  : )  then, when i got in the store & was looking at the dollar spot, all of a sudden i hear ringing out across the store, "carrie!"  i looked around & finally saw becca waving!  she & naters had just checked out & so we stood & chatted for awhile.  i also LOVE running into friends in random places!!  especially when we all get so busy, ya know?

i think i made it home by 6:30 & was able to chat w/ april for a bit.  : )  also, my computer was being a joyous thing & i got to watch Grimm, 2 eps of One Upon A Time (in which there were castles featured), and an episode of Castle.  HAPPY!!!  : )  tomorrow i'm going to try for GH & Endgame... and possibly last week's Glee... oh and there is still Alcatraz to catch up w/, and The Voice... and my USA shows if they are online yet... 

um.  it snowed a little, but thankfully no real accumulation.  let's keep it that way, shall we?!  pretty please?!  

favorite quote of the evening comes from OUAT - "i have granted 1001 wishes, and watched them turn out badly 1001 times. which is why i will never use my wish."  and as soon as the genie broke that rule, well, it did turn out quite badly!  

and now my dears, sleep!  tomorrow is another busy day!  : )   PTL!!!  

ttfn & sleep well!!

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