"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 23 February 2012


i should be catching up with Pan Am or The River or one of the multiple other shows i need to catch up with currently.  what am i watching instead?  Battleground, on hulu.  it's about a campaign for wisconsin governor, i think.  it's just started.  but it's really clever writing!  and cute boys.  idk if they're canadian... LOL  but one of them looks like harry potter... : D  

today was kinda a buggar, but the snow held off til tonight (and it wasn't bad (yet)), and i went to starbucks after work for a green tea frap.  then over to trish's for dinner (chicken "fried" in corn flakes, yum!) & BBT, Person of Interest (no Secret Circle til march 15th! boo!) & The Mentalist.  and i got to vent all my confusion/frustration/annoyance w/ today out so that made me feel 100% better!  vent it, and forget it.  it's kinda a motto!  

thank God tomorrow is friday.  i am so ready for a couple days OFF.  so ready to hang out w/ leyton (and maybe anthony) on saturday.  

right now, i'm so ready for bed!  *laugh*  ttfn!

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