"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Friday, 17 February 2012

i vow to love you...

ah, friday!  the end of a busy week - altho not at work!  well, it was busy, but only moderately so.  meaning - i did NOT have to work OT this week!  woot!  next week it'll probably be back since it's payroll cutoff on monday, but i was able to take an hour of vacation today (altho it was really only 1/2 an hour when i finally got OUT of there LOL)!  : )  and i really enjoyed the ppl i was able to help today.  they said THANK YOU and were quite kind.  i love a good thank you, ya know?  (especially when they - of their own volition - copy my boss on said thank you.  *blessed*)

when i left work, i went to target & picked up some ADORABLE gifties for the nieces, nephews & friends i get to see next month in mason city.  : )  at least, i HOPE everyone will be there (*points to joy*).  : )  i also got more cute cards (next step is to sort them out & remember to bring the work ones to work!), a mini pillow pet for chase's birthday, m&m's & a cuuuute heart bowl for erin's bday, a top up card for my phone, and a box of valentine chocolates for anthony if i get a chance to see him in the next week.  it was quite fun!  

i picked up erin around 5 & we went to hungry hobo for dinner.  mmm!  i didn't get a full dinner because i planned to have popcorn later at the movie.  :D  i did, however, bring my own dessert so that i could resist the  hobo chocolate pudding and/or cake!  erin & i had a fun time catching up about life & things - and of course GH!!  : )  

we went to the theatre around 6:30.  first thing i noticed when we walked in - R2-D2 was in the lobby.  i thought it was just a statue, and then when we were in the ticket line, i saw him whiz across the floor!  (it's alive!)  later i met the guy who built/controlled the robot.  SO FRICKIN AMAZING!  i wish i'd had my camera or my phone out!  (i had a Diet Pepsi stashed in my purse so i didn't want to open it up & dig around for my phone...)(don't judge me - i bought popcorn at $5.50 for a small bag & couldn't afford another $5 for a soda!)  we saw The Vow, which after reading the reviews i wasn't quite as keen on seeing.  (possible spoilers ahead, tread w/ caution if you haven't seen it, want to see it, and don't like things to potentially be ruined)  but it was an okay movie.  channing tatum is quite handsome - i love his quirky smile!  and i really have to blame the editing and directing for the choppy feel to the movie.  they focused too much on the fighting and them being apart, and then the end was just not satisfactory!  bah.  

anywhoo, it was all in all an enjoyable evening spent w/ a friend, so i count it as a win!

now, i'm off to bed because tomorrow is TWILIGHT-A-THON at trish's!  wooot!  



  1. The Vow...based on a true story. Saw the real couple on The Today show and something just seemed off about them.

    Twilight... weirdly I think the books are so much better. I didn't really like the first 3 movies much. But I hope you have fun watching them.

    1. oooh, i'll have to check out the interview. i've only read things about their story, which seemed to be a better story than the one portrayed in the movie, but i haven't seen them...!

      and twilight - i liked Breaking Dawn better the 2nd time i read it, and liked the movies the 2nd time i saw them - which was just today! edward REALLY annoyed me the first time i saw them.