"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

every breath you take

tonight when sting was singing this, i was thinking about how it could be God singing to us.  not that sting is God - but that He watches over us, every breath we take, He's there.  He's HERE, for us.  He loves us, and wants us to love Him.  He loves YOU.  He loves if you're gay, straight, black, white, chinese, iranian, muslim, hindu, athiest, fat, skinny, ugly, beautiful, short, tall...He loves you if you believe or don't believe.  His love is never in question.  

anyway, i just thought i'd share that today!  : )  

today sort of felt like another monday.  after my late night last night, i slept til after 7, so i didn't get to work til 8:30, and then it was another fun (no, really, it was fun!) and busy day, so i didn't leave til 5:30.  and then i picked up adolph's for dinner because my taste buds have been craving it for weeks!  *laugh*  next up, SUSHI!  not sure if i'm hanging out w/ mom & the boys tomorrow after work or not, altho i will likely go over to mom's to watch SURVIVOR.  : )  first, tho, i'll stop at target for some groceries... : )  

speaking of target - okay, do you shop at target?  do you prefer it over WM & other "super stores" or are they all fairly equal in your book?  for myself, they're all fairly equal, but i like different things about each store.  like, WM usually has an excellent selection of christmas cups & other holiday stuff.  i love that target has a starbucks, and also their dollar spot is spot on!  kohl's has AWESOME ornaments & tchotchkes when i'm looking for unique gifts.  not that kohl's is really a super store, as they don't sell groceries.  i guess they'd be more in line w/ penney's or gordman's... 

anyway!  target.  so, the other day i went to the IL target for the first time.  and it was really interesting.  the set up reminded me of the target i went to in maryland, w/ the placement of the starbucks & stuff.  it's funny how all targets/wm's, etc. are the same but different.  like, they breed a sense of familiarity, while being just different enough to feel like a new store.  ya know?  and different regions have different merchandise, making it fun to go to various stores that are the "same."  heh.

no shopping tonight, tho.  just adolph's deliciousness & Once Upon A Time (heartwrenching but oh so goooood!) and Castle (seriously, nathan fillion.  LOVE.  i want to hug him.  i just want to hang out w/ him.  and listen to him talk.  and ... he's Canadian, so that might explain the crush.  *grin*)... 

okay, Endgame (more canada!  oh, canada, i love you!  i got a postcrossing from canada tonight, too!! ) & then bed.  : )  my postcard from canada is a print of artwork that the sender's father made, and i also received a lovely valentine from my dear micaela - artwork that she created!  love love looooove!  : )  


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