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Saturday, 25 February 2012


today was really, really fun!  i picked leyton up at 10 & we went to starbucks (green tea frapp completes me LOL).  all the new stuff at the pavilion, and the design, is all just AMAZING!  AND they added some forestry equipment, including my all-time favorite piece of equipment which looks like something sci-fi-y!!  :D  

leyton & i were both really excited that a combine is on display now, and he pointed out that the CANstruction combine was featured in the pictures on one of the walls.  John Deere is celebrating 175 years of business this year.  how neat is that??  : )  

i had been worried from the design schematics they were handing out before the remodel that there wouldn't be as many things to play on (as far as equipment goes), but there are and they are the BIG machines.  soooo amazing!  

 oh yeah, and of  course leyton was excited they had a gator!  
i like the gators, too, but this one hurt me - i knocked my knee somewhere on it, and it HURT!

and the kid's corner is pretty nifty, too, w/ play areas, books, and some interactive things.  

after exploring, we went to the JD Store for a bit & leyton picked out a JD football, and also a new key chain for gramma because hers broke.  d'oh!  

SUCH a fun time!  

we left about 12:30 & leyton had the choice of olive garden, red robin, or chili's for lunch.  he chose red robin.  (YUM!)  i had fish & sweet potato fries - SO GOOD!  : )  

we came home & he opted out of nap in favor of playing & then going to bed "early" tonight.  since he normally stays up til 10 or so here, early was 8 o'clock.  we watched Night At The Museum & played catch & w/ airplanes & kick ball w/ his lightning mcqueen ball.  

for dinner, we picked up subway.  we also stopped at the video store & he got a Fireman Sam dvd.  i got Real Steel (love it!!!) & some random little family movie that i've never seen.  i couldn't find bride wars, and i completely forgot to get confessions of a shopaholic, which i have been wanting to see again for weeks!  ah well, maybe i'll take a look when i take the other movies back.  

did i mention the other night about the dude behind me in line at the pharmacy?  he was telling his friend (or, based on recent events, some random person in line) all about how his wife was bi-polar & filing charges on him for abuse & stuff.  so, tonight i stopped at the mailboxes for my mail & he was there to get his mail.  we exchanged the usual, normal, hellos & then all of a sudden he launched into this SAME story - almost verbatim - that i had heard (from him) at the pharmacy!!!  who does that?  life story to stranger on the street?  i mean, really!  LOL  i must have had my "Doc" vibe going or something tonight.  leyton wasn't having it, tho, he yelled at me from the car to get going cuz he was hungry.  *laugh*  whew!  i got the feeling this guy's life story was going to go on for awhile... i wish him the best & all, but those were billable hours!!  LOL 

when we got back home, we ate, had bath, jammied up & watched his fireman sam movie until bedtime.  he must've been tired because he didn't fuss much at all about going to bed & was out after about 5 minutes!!  i know today wore me out - i was ready to sleep at 8, too!!  *laugh*  

so, how was your saturday?  do tell!  : )  


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