"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 5 February 2012

it's a gas gas gas

i've been looking for this movie for years.
it's one of my favorites.
i once told my friend marcie to keep her eyes out for it.

she gave it to me today for my birthday!  : ) 
: ) : ) : ) 
Jumpin' Jack Flash!!!!!

"do the world a favor!  get yourself an office w/ a desk.  and a lamp!"
one of my favorite lines.  

anyway, she gave me the movie today at brunch w/ her, her ex-bf/still friend terry, and trish.  brunch was DELICIOUS!  i had a little scrambled egg, a little bacon, sausage, a triangle of waffle, hash, fish, and lots of yummy fruit.  oh, AND lots of yummy COFFEE!  we had some fun & marcie & terry left after an hour & a half, while trish & i hung out awhile more.  then we headed to sam's to walk around for awhile.  that was fun!!  : )  much as it's fun to BUY things at sam's, i do enjoy just walking around looking at stuff & eating samples, too.  : )  

we were there for a couple hours, stopped at sonic on our way back to my car, and then i headed home to pre-jammie before going to mom's.  we played payday & sorry & watched a HSM marathon on disney.  :D  heh.  

oh, there were also styrofoam peanuts all over mom's yard, so we went out to pick those up.  she has no idea where they came from & wondered if someone deliberately put them in her yard.  i was like, "who'd you tick off?"  LOL  

mom picked up anthony at his friend's after the superbowl, and then i dropped him off at home on my way home.  :)  his team didn't win, so he was a little pouty... 

got home about 9:30 to finish Roar (good!) and then watch JJF before heading to bed.

oh, also, this weekend my cousin, mikey, and a band he drums for, the Candymakers, were in memphis at a blues contest & they got pretty far into it & did AMAZING!  so proud of my musical family!!!

hope you had a good weekend!
tomorrow it's back to the grind!  : ) 


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