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Saturday, 18 February 2012

headache :(

have had it all day & it goes away for a little bit & then COMES BACK!  i have tried several times to banish is permanently, but it's being a brat.  hopefully sleep - which i will do soon - will kick it's rear outta here!  lol

went to the PO to get stamps & mail surprises to a couple ppl.  hope they like them!!  

stopped at starbucks for coffee & a green tea frapp & then headed to trish's for our TWILIGHT-A-THON!  megan & the kids were there, so it was nice to see them for a minute.  they headed out to jungle bungle & trish & i got watchin!  i have to say, edward grew on me in the last movie (breaking dawn part 1), so i was able to actually enjoy instead of be annoyed by him during this marathon.  that was quite nice!  : )  

we didn't have time for breaking dawn part 1, but we might tomorrow - if this headache goes away!  i pray!!  i left a little before 6 (running late!), went to casey's, went home to change, met mom at her house & then we headed to TGIF's for misha's 21st bday party!  we were already across the river when shawna called to say there was a change of plans & we were now meeting at granite city.  so we did a nice tour of two bridges... lol.  at GC, we met most of the party & i was able to chat w/ mom's twinsie & her hubs (aka aunt carol & uncle mike).  : )  that was very nice!!!  after we'd been waiting a bit, shawna called again to say we were moving the party to golden corral because the wait time was shorter.  *laugh*  so we all trooped out & drove down the road to the corral.  which suited me better (altho i was looking forward to cheddar ale soup) because - chocolate covered strawberries!  woot!  and bread pudding, but they put too much nutmeg in it tonight... 

anyway, once we all got there - including bret, hooray!! - we had to wait for them to get tables for all of us (10) & then the lady came to get us but someone had apparently seated ppl at the table she was taking us to... still confused as to how that worked, BUT it worked out okay because then another table opened up right then.  which was good because i was starting to get a little snarky & i may have accidentally insulted on the of the guys who works there (sorry, dude, didn't mean to snark AT you).  hopefully when i smiled & apologized later he forgave me.  i DO go there semi-often, and would hate for him to remember me as the bitch who snarked at him for no reason... eep!  

so, there's my day!  i'm hoping to have pictures to include... oh yay, here they are!


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