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Monday, 6 February 2012

in which i wax philosophical ...

do you ever think about the saying, "life isn't fair?"
it seems like that saying is just a convenient excuse for ppl to act poorly towards others & justify those actions.  

i mean, think about it - what do we teach our kids, in school, sports, board games, cards, at home w/ siblings?  we teach them to share, to follow rules, to take turns... 
to be fair.

if life isn't fair, it's because we allow ppl to act unfairly.  we expect judges to be fair & impartial, but not lawyers. don't most judges have a law background?  (maybe all?)  if we can't trust lawyers to be fair, what makes us think *poof* being declared a judge will make them so?  shouldn't we expect everyone to act fairly, to take turns, to follow the rules?

oh, we do, but only in certain circumstances.  we expect our sports teams to act fairly on the playing field, but not in life.  we accept that they will follow the rules of the game, but not of the law, or of society, or of their marriages, etc.  we support them by watching their games, buying tickets, buying their products.  when we hear of our favorite player being arrested for (insert illegal activity here), we shrug it off.  it doesn't even occur to us to question - he/she can follow the rules on the court, but not in the court of law?  what?  

these are just a couple small examples i thought of today.  mainly because while we were playing games yesterday, leyton said, "it's not fair!" about me or mom always winning the jackpot.  and mom may have said something about life not being fair.  which i didn't really think was the appropriate response for something like that.  in games of that sort, it's not really a matter of "fair" or "unfair."  it's a game of chance, where your "fate" in the game is determined by the roll of the die.  "unfair" in a game of that sort would be if you tried to manipulate the die to roll on a certain number, or "accidentally" miscounted your spaces, something like that.  

we also call that "cheating."
cheating is unfair.
cheating takes the equal footing everyone is on & destroys it for its own gain.   
and not just in board games - i mean, to me, it seems like cheating when movie theatres charge $8 for a bag/bowl of popcorn that costs them a quarter to make.  or when gas companies can charge such high prices when it equals a 120% (or more) profit.  they likely say that's just good business, but i disagree.  

of course, we do have the ppl/organizations/politicians that try to go too far the OTHER way.  they say it's only fair if everyone is EQUAL.  and in trying to make things "equal" they actually make them unfair.  

anywhoo.  what do you think?  
why do we teach our kids the right ways when they're little but excuse the wrong ways when they're teenagers  w/ the excuse that it's "just how teenagers act?"  

that one didn't really have to do w/ much, i just really want to know what ppl think about it because it annoys me.
: ) 

today was exhausting, extremely busy, and i worked from 7:45 to 7:15.  i had planned to have everything done by 5:30, but i kept getting interrupted w/ "urgent" issues.  my mind usually turns to mush after about 9 1/2 hours, but for the last two hours i listened to cd's & i did notice that i typed faster while entering claims when there was faster music on.  so that was cool.  
also helpful - not being interrupted every 10 minutes w/ an email or IM or phone call or visitor regarding other "urgent" issues.  *laugh*  

all i wanted when i got home was to eat my subway sandwich (yum!) & watch some hulu.  
my computer had other ideas about the hulu, so that was a bust!  maybe tomorrow... i want to watch grimm & OUAT & i think there's a new ep of Endgame out today, too.  

ah well, time for me to hit the hay, i think.  tomorrow will be another busy day, but i WILL leave by 5:30, Lord willing!!  : )  


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