"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


it's just soooooo good!  why oh why did i not know about this until recently?  LOL  

daddy gave me a valentine's gift last night in a dream.  it was a card & very sweet!  :)  it was nice to see him.  i'm so happy when he visits me in dreams!  

today i worked on memorial checks just about all day.  tomorrow i have to stuff letters into envelopes to mail them all out.  doesn't that sound exciting?  yeah, it's not.  BUT the reason it took all day is because i had some VERY INTERESTING timecard & vacation issues that cropped up.  and also mel stopped by to deliver my first batch of girl scout cookies!  *BOUNCE*  you will remember how enamored i am of GSC's of course?  : D  

after work, i finally made it to WM!  got some groceries, picked up my scrip, saw auntie jan...finally found krave cereal - had a bowl when i got home, and not sure what i think of it yet.  i also got some sweet potatoes & yogurt & pretzel chips and of course hummus to go w/ them!  : )  i found a cute phineas & ferb coloring book for leyton.  it was fifty cents, so w/in my budget!  heh!  

when i got home, i had a message that my taxes are done, so i will have to stop there tomorrow after work.  i also had some really nice postcrossings and my gift from the secret cupid exchange!  which, i guess i didn't really pay attention to the "secret" part when i sent my gift... ah well.  my cupid sent me what appears to be a handmade scarf - lovely, and in a shad of brown that just happened to match my outfit today!! - and the twistable crayons i admired a few weeks ago while out to dinner w/ dawny, brooklyn, anna & jeff!!  : )  SWEET!  (my computer is being a brat, allowing me to watch 1 1/2 episodes of Endgame before starting the freeze-out, so hopefully i'll have pictures up tomorrow!)

i headed over to trish's about 6:30.  we chatted w/ al before he left for his appt. & then trish & i headed to the movie theatre.  yeah, movie on valentine's evening mightn't have been our best idea.  altho we both thought ppl would be going out to the later movies, as they'd have dinner first... they must have all had dinner at 5 because the parking lot was pretty packed!!  BUT, i have to say i'm happy w/ the way the evening turned out.  trish went in & got some popcorn & soda & then we headed back to her house to watch Eragon.  i hadn't seen it before, and i really liked it!  i want a dragon!!  : )  actually, come to think of it, i have several dragons... *laugh*  one is on a snowglobe matthew gave me once upon a time.   : )  

when i got home at 10:30, i watched Endgame & read some blogs & registered my postcrossings - one has a seahorse w/ a mermaid, so cute!!  (again, will have to scan my latest batches of cards soon!!)

now it's nearly 12:30 & i HAVE to get to sleep!!  *hugs*  i hope you know on this valentine's day, and every day, that YOU are LOVED!!  : )  thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings, even when they don't really say much.  *laugh*  


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