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Monday, 27 February 2012


not a lot to say today.

it was a monday!  it did go fast - felt like i was treading water for most of it, but hey!  *laugh*  

was supposed to meet becks at chili's for dinner - i have a coupon for free chips & queso, but it's only good today, tomorrow & wednesday.  unfortunately, she had to reschedule for next week, so ... no chips & queso for me today.  boo!  or for her, so boo there, too!  heh.  instead, i went to arthur's, and that was a big YEAH!  : )  i even treated myself to some strawberry fro-yo because i wanted to.

came home & watched Endgame & caught up on Alcatraz.  yay!  i should watch friday's GH before bed, but i'm not going to because i'm tired.  : )  

*yawn*  thrilling post, right?  sorry!  but i'm off to bed - i hope your day was fabulous!

and oh - prayers please for my neighbor's daughter, chloe, who is in the hospital w/ possible appendicitis, and for joy's neighbors, who had an apt fire & there are some hospitalizations - not sure on the whole story there, but pray for healing & help w/ things.  

thanks & ttfn!

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