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Sunday, 12 February 2012


my morning started off annoying, but got better.

i'll skip the annoying details because... well, let's just focus on the positive!  *laugh*

i read my People, watched Kyle XY, and had some yogurt for breakfast.  : ) 

mom & leyton picked me up for lunch & we went to applebee's.  
leyton was very huggy & cuddly.  : )  
we had queso dip & chips & i had a yummy spinach salad.  mom had a different salad which for some reason had fried cheese on top.  *laugh*

leyton was ready for a nap after lunch, but when i got to the van from a loo stop, mom was talking w/ a lady about giving her money for a hotel ... i'm way confused about how that all came about, but mom agreed to pay for her hotel room.  she didn't have any cash to give her, so we drove up to the hotel & paid the fee.  more confusion, tho - the lady said she just needed $30, but the hotel manager said she owed $90.  mom paid the $30 & hoped that would help her out enough.  

then there was some back & forth about where leyton would take his nap.  instead of just saying "leyton wants to come back to my house, so i'll drop him off after dinner," mom had to put things to jen in a way that made jen feel like mom was checking up on her.  then jen got all argumentative.  then mom tried to backpedal from letting leyton take his nap at her house, and leyton - who was tired and overdo for a nap & had already been told he could go to gramma's - started a mini-meltdown.

oye.  these ppl sometimes are enough to make me throw up my hands in defeat!!

anyway, as far as i know he went to gramma's for nap, dinner & then phil or gramma would bring him home after that.  the whole affair of course put him in a snarky mood when they dropped me off, so i didn't even get a good-bye hug.  :(  it's a good thing he was so snuggly the rest of the afternoon or my feelings would have been hurt!!

anywhoo - neighbor has not come back over to tell me what time to let the dog out/feed her/give me a key, so i'm thinking they found an alternative.  we'll see, i guess - maybe they decided to take the dog w/ them like they normally do, after all?  i am a little (more than a little) annoyed, tho, by the whole thing.  i mean, ya know?

so, i'm going to watch Grimm & Kyle XY & whatever i find on hulu & tomorrow it's back to work!

oh, and i have no idea what i'm fixing for dinner.  and it's driving me bonkers.  LOL  


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