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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

well, shucks

i guess i won't be filling in my pictures & things tonight, either.  after work i stopped at AP & signed for my taxes.  *bounce*  i am very grateful to GET a refund, even tho it's not quite as much as H&R Block's website told me it should be.  but i think that's because i put HOH on there & i'm not technically HOH this year.  i am a little miffed at myself for not claiming that LAST year when bret lived w/ me, or the years prior when holly lived w/ me!  just didn't realize it was an option!  d'oh!  

anyway, i had some nice chatty time w/ ken & joline & then i headed to TB for dinner & to mom's.  leyton ended up staying at her house, so he got to enjoy Survivor w/ us.  and we tossed a ball around for a bit, as well. : )  play time is important, even when gramma keeps hushing you during her show!  LOL  

after the show, i was going to take him to jen's, but he wanted to play w/ play dough & i wanted to play a game of bejeweled, so then it was 8:30 & then he wanted to watch some disney (btw, what is the deal w/ the cable companies now having special converters again - and charging an EXTRA fee per month for them??  RIDICULOUS is what it is... GREEDY and RUDE as well.  harrumph!  makes me extra glad i don't have cable or a converter box even!)... then he wanted phil to take him to jen's, but phil couldn't because there wasn't time for him to go all the way up there & then get to work.  so leyton had the option to stay there for the night & he chose to do that.  : )  which was great because after the last time i took him there to put him to bed... oye!  i would have just now been getting home!!  

anyway!  as it is, i didn't get home til 9:30 & read some blogs & tried to pay some bills online.  i paid my gas & electric, but for some reason i couldn't log into my century link account.  ?!?!  i just made a payment like last week online, and now it wasn't accepting my phone number.  weirdness.  so i'll either just send a check in or call tomorrow from work!  oye.  

i have been feeling rather blah lately.  i mean, i'm having fun w/ all the hanging out & whatnot-ery.  but i feel like i need a vacation.  idk, it is the ennui, i'm sure!  i want to have a day w/ leyton & go to the pavilion & HQ again.  we haven't done that all winter!  and idk when i'm going to have a free saturday!  i think the pavilion opens back up this month... it might already be open!  alrighty, then!  not that it helps since i don't have any free time til ... maybe next weekend.  this one is allllll booked up!  

okay, i gotta sleep!  PTL for a warm bed to be snuggly in!  :  ) 



  1. Hello,

    We are sorry you were having issues signing into your account online. If you need assistance please email us at talktous@centurylink.com we are always happy to help.

    Centurylink Help

    1. thanks, Patti! i might have to do that if i still can't log in when i try again. : ) y'all are always very helpful!