"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 11 February 2012


it's one of the greatest things in the world.  it makes you feel happy with its tasty darkness.  or milkiness if you like that sort of thing.  hershey's, dove, godiva, lindt... mmmm!  i found cherry garcia froyo & it is delicious.  : )  

i was quite productive today.  slept til 9-ish, did some laundry & dishes - by hand because my dishwasher apparently needed a good de-goo-ing because i ran it thru two cycles & my dishes were still unclean!  LOL  i tried listening to some Nelson Radio on my pandora, but my computer kept freezing on like the 3rd song (i think when commercials were trying to come thru).  quite annoying!!  

also annoying?  i've had the same pest control ppl since i moved in to my house (the owners are friends).  well, today they were scheduled to be here btwn 10-11.  they didn't show.  apparently they DID show at 1:15 - and left a note on my BACK door that i never use, which they should know since they've been coming here for SIX YEARS!  so now i scheduled this appt for a time when i would be home, and now i have to figure out when i'll be home again to schedule another one.  that is what really annoys me more than the note on a door i don't use.  as y'all know, i have some anxiety issues.  which means that i have to "prep" myself for having ppl in my house, so it's not all that easy on me!  if i knew it was shawn, it wouldn't be as difficult, but i'm never quite sure if it'll be him or one of his guys.  

*sigh*  anyway, mom picked me up around 12:30 & we went to leyton's last basketball game of the season.  we got there late, & everyone was sitting on the floor & it was a really fun game!  : )  leyton asked to spend the night w/ gramma, so off we went.  leyton wanted to come back here & hang out while mom went to WM, but then when we got here he changed his mind & wanted to go w/ her.  *laugh*  so, i made pasta & meatballs for lunch & watched more Greek.  i'm finishing up the last eps before bed.  now i want season 3, of course!  LOL  

leyton called when they got home from WM & asked me why i wasn't there.  our conversation was SO CUTE!!  : )  so i headed over there about 6 & watched tv & read til they got home at 6:30 from church.  then we played payday & sorry! & had a baked potato & stuff for dinner.  :D  i got hugs from everyone (including phil!) & left about 9.  

it was a really good night.  : ) 

oh, and trish asked me to be her valentine date to see The Vow because al has some stuff to do that night.  woot!  that'll be fun!  even tho i just read on april's fb that she didn't really like the movie.  but i'll give it a shot.  i didn't really like dear john, but i did like it.  if that makes sense?  channing tatum.  now it should make more sense.  LOL  

okay, Greek's done & i'm tiiiired so i am thinking bed sounds good!  tomorrow i don't really have any plans.  might meet mom & leyton for lunch, but we'll see.  oh yeah, and my neighbor asked me to let their dog out & feed her while they're gone tomorrow night, but i don't know any details as of yet, and then he said something about being gone for 2 days & so idk what they're doing w/ her during the day on monday.  i wouldn't think they would want her in the kennel all night and then all day?  i don't want to clean up doggy mess... :|  plus it seems kinda cruel.  of course, i don't have dogs, so maybe that's normal.  angel just roams free wherever... 

so we'll see!



  1. Chocolate is one of the greatest things in the world! I just woke up from a nap and have been craving chocolate for the past two days. Luckily I found pudding in my mom's fridge. Still that didn't quite satisfy my craving so I'm ashamed to admit this - but I took a spoon out and ate lots of chocolate cake icing! Just wish I had the cake to go with it! hahaha

    Sounds like a fun night with Leyton bug and your family :) I'm going to see if my Valentine will take me to see The Vow :) I can't wait to see it!! If you see it before me let me know how you like it :) xo

    1. mmm...frosting! i like it on graham crackers... : D

  2. I dislike when people can't keep appointments. Bad form. But I dislike pests (bugs) more so I guess I'd be calling them back...