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Friday, 24 February 2012

breakfast for dinner


work was a ball today!  idk if it was just "the fridays" or what, but we were all cracking up!  AND it was gyro day at lunch.  they make some of the best cucumber sauce!  and there were some great (non- cracking up) conversations today, too, thru many mediums.  it was just a good day, and i'm quite grateful!  

after work, tho, i had that itch.  you know the one, where you don't WANT to go home, you're keyed up & want to do something.  do you know that one?  *laugh*  sadly, my peeps were all otherwise engaged, so i was on my own, and i couldn't figure out what i wanted to do on my own, so i just came home.  then i couldn't figure out what i wanted for dinner (finally settled on breakfast).  and i tried to catch up w/ Pan Am, but my computer was tired after my many hours of hulu earlier in the week, so i switched to safe mode & popped in my Kyle XY DVD instead.   then i spent some time trying to figure out what happened after season 3.  guess i'm going to have to invest in those dvd's to watch the bonus footage & reveal!  oye.  *laugh*  

i wanted to go to the family video & rent a couple movies, but decided i'll rent them tomorrow while leyton & i are out & about & i can watch them sunday.  anthony's not joining us cuz he's got the sickies.  poor anthony!  :(  i hope he feels better soon!  he said it was like whooping cough!  not fun! there's some sort of sickies going around that at least 3 of my friends have had in the past week - and they are all not in the same area, but described almost verbatim the same symptoms!  d'oh!  hopeful & praying it stays AWAY from me!  

ummm... what else?  idk!  : )  ttfn!


  1. We watched the finale of Pan Am last night. Is that show coming back?

    1. idk, i've been out of the loop! but it's a good show, so i hope it comes back!