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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

absolutely, positively

grateful for my family!  : )  mom texted me this afternoon to see if i wanted to go to dinner.  well, of course!  when do i not?  LOL  she wasn't sure if we were going to CFA w/ the boys or if she was going to drop them off w/ jen & we would go to mo brady's.  we ended up going to mo brady's, and when i got there she was talking to uncle gene - he & aunt nancy were eating there, too!  and they invited us over to sit w/ them!  : )  it was a very awesome dinner w/ some of my favorite ppl!  and also the crab cakes were yummy.  heh.

this morning i had my dental appt - for a cleaning.  i thought it'd been about a year since i'd been there, because i had to keep rescheduling my cleanings.  well, as it turns out, it actually was almost TWO years since i'd been there!  *gasp*  idk how that happened!  and unfortunately, because it has been so long, there were a couple issues... i'm going to lose one of my 2nd molars.  :(  there was a cavity that somehow made its way under the crown, and of course that tooth has had a root canal so i didn't feel anything at all as it ate away at the tooth.  :(  if i'd taken care of it two years ago, they could have just replaced the crown.  now, there's not enough tooth left under there for them to repair & replace the crown (w/o crazy stuff like a sinus lift & bone grafts, which, no thank you!) so i either have to wait for the crown to come off & then they'll take care of it, or just remove the tooth.  which, the dr said it could be awhile, so... idk.  meanwhile, i have to go back for an INTENSE cleaning & some fillings.  *sigh*  

so, kids, GO TO THE DENTIST REGULARLY, even if you're swamped at work & think you can't take the time away!  *laugh*

i got to work 1/2 an hour before i'd planned, tho, so that was cool.  : )  and the day went pretty well, helped some ppl & got lots done!  woot!  

after dinner, i had to stop at WM to get my rx's & some groceries.  i'd called in refills for all 3 scripts - but insurance says it's not "time" to get one of them.  when is it time, you ask?  TOMORROW.  that's right - even tho i was there today to pick them up, and the dr has authorized the refill, the insurance company says i can't have my meds until tomorrow.  nice, right?  yeah.

anywhoo.  now i'm home, watching GH & catching up on blogs & soon i'll shut it all down & read Isabella Moon for 1/2 an hour & then hit the hay.

tomorrow is SECRET CIRCLE & HANG OUT W/ TRISH (& maybe Al) night!  hey, trish, what's for dinner?  ; )  

hope your wednesday went well & HAPPY THURSDAY to you all!  : )  


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