"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


too tired to write much anything of interest, but had to get these few things out because otherwise i will forget them later.  *laugh*

it was a good day at work, aside from some venting by some coworkers due to situations beyond their control.  well, our control - i vented some, too.  but after venting we were all fine, because that's what venting is for, right?  (literally - think about why you vent your food in the microwave - it's to release some pressure so said food doesn't explode, right?  so, there ya go.)  

there was some hilarity surrounding my proclamation that my perfect man is a canadian cop/mountie/detective of some sort.  mmmm.  : )  i do love cops/detectives/PI's, etc... and canadians.  oh, canada!  seriously, it was FUN!  there was also some fun conversations around yesterday's cupcakes... i still am so amazed that mr. boss's boss did that!  he really does rock!!  

i worked til 5:30 & then met michelle at thai for dinner.  i had pad thai, which was different for me.  it was DELICIOUS of course!  had a side of peanut sauce, as well, because after discovering it i now order it w/ everything.  YUM!  : )  we  had great conversation & it was nice catching up & hanging out!  i also got to chat w/ my friend mel in the hallway at work & that was nice, too.  she reminded me how BUSY february is!  *laugh*  she has a lot of birthdays that month, too.

i got home around 8 & finished The Perfect Poison.  can't wait for the next book - there was an excerpt at the end & i wanna read it now!!  but, since i don't have that book, i am going to read my friend laura's first novel, Isabella Moon.  she sent a copy of that & her 2nd book, Calling Mr Lonely Hearts.  she mentioned something on her fb & a couple of us were like - ooh, we would love a copy! - and she sent us one!  i love my friends!! heh.  so, i'll start IM tomorrow.  while i'm at the dentist - who is ironically named....Dr. Moon!  :D  

for now, tho, i must sleep.  i didn't watch any hulu because i was just basking in the silence for an evening.  weird, i know!  

hope your day went well & that you have a wondrous wednesday!  : )  



  1. I just finished a book the other day. A Dan Brown book. It was very good. I'm reading the narnia series to my daughter which is also fun.

    1. aww, i love reading to kids! and i love when parents take the time to read REAL books w/ their kids, so kudos!! : ) the only dan brown book i read was the davinci code & i liked the story but not the writing. weird, huh?

  2. MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pad thai.

    And constructive venting is always a good thing.