"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 14 April 2011


that was today.  magic.  blessed!  even though there were icky parts, overall i am focusing on the BLESSINGS!  

first of all, because i forgot to put my clothes in the dryer last night, i had to dry my shirt & socks this morning.  now, this put me into work at 8 instead of 7:30, but the extra time at home was nice.  leisurely waffle w/ honey oat cream cheese, played w/ angel... it was nice.  

i had leftover pumpkin curry for lunch.  Y-U-M!!  my baker-friend, julie, delivered some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies & other treats to me this afternoon, which were also YUM!  she prefers her regular chocolate chip cookies, but there is just something about pumpkin that draws me in & makes me go YES!  : )  

i watched magic johnson give an awesome speech to a local group this afternoon.  he is an AMAZING speaker, philanthropist, awesome businessman... oh my goodness!  and all of this AFTER making a name for himself in... what was it?  oh yes, basketball.  (LOL  i kid, i kid!)  the man has been living w/ HIV for 20+ years, giving ppl w/ that disease a wonderful role model!  and reason to hope!  i truly hope that i have the opportunity to see him speak again, as i highly enjoyed it!  it was too brief, tho - the lady who was introducing the guy who introduced him (really?  is that necessary?) had a lot to say before even getting to the introduction!!  (not in a bad way!  lol  she just had a lot of info to relay.)  i would have liked to have been there in person, but too much work to do.  very grateful that i had the option and opportunity to watch it streaming live from the convention center while i worked on memorials, tho!!  : )  

(speaking of HIV made me think about robin on GH, and how that character has also been living (well) w/ HIV for over 10 years.  i applaud GH for that whole storyline, for staying true to it and to the character.  i applaud kimberly mccullough, the actress who plays robin, for her wonderful potrayal of this character.  she grew up on the show - she started playing robin when she was like, 5?  she was gone for awhile & then they brought her back & her storylines are almost always my favorites.  any time she is onscreen, she lights it up.  i really can't gush about kimberly m enough, ppl!  i've always wanted to be her friend.  *laugh*  i'm a dork.  i don't care!)  

(oh my heck!  speaking of GH - did you hear?  did you see??  ABC has cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live!  *gasp*  *cry*  i'm so grateful that GH is safe (for now) but ... AMC & OLTL were part of my childhood, as well.  even though i stopped watching AMC many years ago (and honestly it was because they changed the way they shot it, so it just looked weird & i could never get used to it.), and just recently gave up on OLTL (for no reason other than lack of time), i am sad to see them go.  most especially because - other shows that get cancelled or end their run, you can buy DVD's later & watch them as much as you'd like.  but soaps - you have a limited time to catch up w/ them, and then they're gone.  with the exception of the occasional holiday, they don't do repeats.  some loyal fans have clips up on YouTube, but you have to really work at it if you want to watch a whole episode - or story arc! - that way!!  

farewell, AMC & OLTL.  i will try to catch some of your last few months on Hulu, and i hope that you are allowed to wrap things up nicely.  feel free to use Guiding Light as an example of how things should be done.  we were sad to see that one go, as well.  *sigh*  i still think of it fondly, as well as ... Port Charles, Santa Barbara, Sunset Beach, Another World... Passions can rot, as the only thing that one was good for was humor on Buffy!! (sorry, timmy...)  yes, i am a soap queen and i am not ashamed to admit it!!  i used to LOVE reading Soap Opera Weekly every week.  it would come in the mail & i would read it cover to cover - even nearly every story about the stories i didn't watch, just so i'd know what was going on.  i loved hearing about GL in jr. high from april's daily play by plays.)

(oh!!  speaking of shows on DVD - i bought the complete series of Renegade tonight from amazon!  it should arrive in about a week, and i will have so much fun watching that hunk, lorenzo lamas!!  i always want to spell lamas like llamas.  llama.  llama.  seriously, say it, it's fun!  (okay, i'm tired.  but it's still fun!)  also i had a jacket crush on bobby sixkiller or whatever his side kick's name is!  idk if he wore it in one episode or all of them, but i just remember this blue jacket... LOL  and i just had deja vu, so if i've talked about that before, sorry!!  also, it's a good thing i don't take hollywood types seriously.  please enjoy this quote about mr lamas's relationships... Lamas has been married four times and is the father of six children by three different women.  (Goodness!)) 

okay!  so, back to our regularly scheduled programming... which i've now completely forgotten ... 

yeah, i'm just gonna skip to the - met mom & the boys at CFA for dinner, and it was yummy!  also, saw my friend stacey!  it's nice to actually get to HUG ppl that you *hug* all the time, ya know?  and, it seriously is funny because she recognized leyton before she realized i was there!  hahahaha! i loved when she said that - "i saw leyton & was like, 'where do i know that little boy from?' and then i realized it was leyton & then i saw you!"  heehee!  love it!!  

yes, that is a bunny sticker on his forehead...  

he's not hiding from the camera, this was his pose!   

Anthony's zombie farm... he had a zombie named rob, who was sadly killed by farmer brown.  
but seriously, we laughed so hard.  he had ... 
Robb Zombie!   

Leyton was being all snuggly, and so i said, "are you gonna perch on my shoulder like a parrot?" 
so that's what he tried to do... LOL  
as you can see, hilarity ensued.   


so much fun as always!  can't wait til saturday & his bday party!  should be a ball!  : )  anthony started off all attitudey, but by the end of the night he was being the kid i love to hang out w/ again, so... i know the teen years are hard, but i really hope that we're all able to get thru them w/o too much damage.  phil was never really an attitudey teen, so i know it's POSSIBLE for boys to be good!  lol  we just gotta keep working on him.  : )  (and prayer, lots of prayer!) (speaking of prayer, thank you for yours!  mom went to erika's funeral today, but i did not.  which turned out to be a good thing because mom said it was packed, and that it was a very nice service.  she said the pastor spoke a salvation message, too, which i hope touched ppl!  having the place packed out makes it even more sad - she had so mnay, SO MANY ppl who loved her... love.  they haven't stopped loving her.  ya know?)

whew!  goodness.  

when i got home, i had a $50 gift code from my anniversary at work.  woot!  i used it to get some gift cards to hallmark, gordman's & bonefish grille.  there's one in schaumburg, so i figure now mom & i will have to go back!  ; )  

i think that's all the fun to be had for today.  now i must sleeeeep!  hope your day went well & that we all have a fantastic friday!  : )  


"Remember kids, Jesus loves you!"  


  1. I hate that OLTL is being cancelled.

  2. i know, it's so sad!! these shows are LEGENDARY and yet a little budget is going to fell them? boo!