"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 23 April 2011

bubbles, steak & bruised hearts

happy day before Easter!  today was super long & SUPER fun!  : )  

leyton woke me up at like 6:30.  "is it morning yet?"  uh, no, kid, go back to sleep.  or, at least let me go back to sleep for a couple more hours?  LOL  he didn't start pestering me to get up til 7, tho.  "aunt carrie, the sun's up, that means it's morning.  GET UP!"  hahahaha!  good thing i love him.  

we did some more jumping, decorated eggs, put together a lego digger, watched phineas & ferb, and basically had a funtastic morning!  

 inspired by the photos my dear friend, jana, has kindly made into postcards for me.  little people are great postcard subjects, don't ya think??  : )  

 i have not loved a cartoon as much as Phineas & Ferb since Kim Possible.  this is my first PF dvd, and i now think i need some KP action!  : )   

we left an hour & a half later than i'd planned, so i didn't get to the PO to mail out the Easter baskets.  oh well, they'll be May Day baskets... LOL  oh, so the flyer they handed out about donations for NC said they'd be accepting them from 10 - 2 today.  however, when we went to the office at 12, no one was there & it was locked up tight.  *sigh*  i hoped they just left for lunch & would be back, and left the bin by the door.  i called & left a message letting them know i'd left it & to call me if they didn't get it for some reason.  thankfully, there was no call & when i went to get the mail on my way home the bin was gone, so ... rah.  : )  

i wish i had pictures, but there was too much other stuff going on (uh, like DRIVING) - leyton really wanted to blow the bubbles i'd put in his easter basket, but we just didn't have time to play outside before leaving.  so, my brilliant idea was to let him blow bubbles out the window on our way!  it was awesome!!!  he had so much fun, and the bubbles looked amazing flying past my windshield!!  : )  

we went to mom's so leyton could get dressed in cat-hair-free clothing (cuz jen's allergic (and possibly anthony as well)) & then went to sancho's for lunch.  YUMMY tacos, of course!  however, i think their prices have gone up, as the cost was a bit of a shock!  but it's not surprising that restaurants will be having to raise their prices as the cost of fuel & food itself goes up.  i totally get that.  *sigh*  anyway, the food was delish & leyton had fun playing w/ the bowling game.  : )  he wanted to play the lotto "game" but we explained that he had to be 21 to play that one.  and it cost more than a quarter... 

heh.  after lunch, we took leyton to marty's to take a nap & then they were gonna dye eggs.  fun fun!!  he & anthony're coming over tomorrow after lunch to spend the afternoon for easter.  woot!  i think this will be the longest stretch of days in a row when i've seen leyton in a while!  (wed - thu - fri - sat - sun!)

mom & i went to best buy so she could get a new virgin mobile phone.  she wanted to switch to the same kinda plan i have.  actually, she wanted to get the same phone i have, but they've discontinued it!  LOL  so she got a different one & i'm a little jealous, actually, because it's a slide out keyboard!  heh.  anyway, we spent about an hour in best buy because they very kindly called VM to set up the phone for mom.  : )  EXCELLENT customer service.  now, about the virgin mobile customer service ... eventually, they did the right thing & got everything squared away properly.  but it was a struggle, and i don't understand why it always is w/ them?  their phones & system work GREAT, their plans are reasonable & fair, they are a great company!  so... why the difficult customer service?  if it was just one rep, then ya know, shrug it off.  but every time one of us has had to change phones, there are issues.  they get resolved, eventually, but should it really take two or more reps and over an hour?  i don't think so... 

on the drive home i played w/ her phone, adding in her contacts & picking a ringtone for myself that sounds like a yanni song.  : )  sweet!!  

when i got home, i watched celebrity apprentice - computer only shut down 3 times, so i got thru the episode in just under two hours.  : )  finally mr. trump did the right thing!  sad that the men's team had to be so decimated first, tho.  grrr.  hopefully w/o captain crazy pants they can win some challenges!  i switched over to renegade around 8:30 & have been greatly enjoying this show!  

aunt carol called & asked how i liked having my house to myself again.  i was like, "oh, so apparently bret has talked to everyone BUT me about officially moving in w/ nick???"  and she was shocked that i didn't know.  *boggle*  seriously how can he do this to me?  i am so hurt by his actions, and most especially because every time i send him a note, he posts on his FB something about being a man of God or Jesus knows his heart or something "Christian" when he's treating me in a very un-Christian manner!  every time he posts some status like that, 30 seconds after i've written an entreaty for him to just talk to me, it feels like a punch in the heart.  it feels deliberate.  it feels ... well, mean.  is that what he's going for?  i can't think it could be!  

*sigh*  anyway, so my last note to him was that since he didn't want to talk to me, please come over on monday after work to pick up his hollister coat & toiletries & whatever else he's left here, and leave the key & my dad's duffel bag that he borrowed to go to KC.  i guess we'll see if he does it.  i'd hate to have to change the locks because he won't give me the key back.  actually, i'd sell his hollister coat to pay for a new lock.  *grumble*  okay, you're right, i probably wouldn't do that.  it's not like i think he'd do anything bad w/ the key.  really, i'm more concerned w/ getting the duffel bag back, because mom really wants it back.  that's the way it goes when you lose someone, ya know?  you cling to things that were theirs... and are irritated when other ppl don't treat them w/ respect... (not to say that has happened w/ this duffel; just a general statement.)

so... after that phone call w/ aunt carol & the subsequent FB drama (seriously dislike playing out drama on fb.  i think that's dumb.  i just can't think of any other way to do it since he's not answering me!  i am kinda hoping that one of his friends will read it & be like, "yo, bret, you need to be more respectful of your sister cousin who helped you out!" ) - i decided steak sounded good, so i called up applebee's for some curbside to go service.  steak, baked potato & veggies w/ a diet pepsi.  YUMMY!  and the steak & potato were both big enough that i cut them in half & will have lunch for tomorrow!  woot!  : )  

anyway, praise the Lord He mends the bruised heart!  i pray His forgiveness for my sins, and His help to forgive others for any wrongs or slights i feel against me.  i pray JOY to you on this Easter, and i pray HEALING to each of us this day as well.  



  1. i am so sorry your heart is bruised :( and fb drama.. ugh. but leyton's smile and happiness can make any sadness disappear! and i agree on the little people for postcard subjects :)

    HAPPY EASTER xoxoxo!!!!

  2. *HUGS* thank you! leyton does make the happy happen... : )