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Saturday, 2 April 2011


fabulously fun day today!  : )  

mom & leyton picked me up about 10:30, and we headed to the zoo.  i didn't wear a coat, just a sweatshirt, and it worked out okay, but the first 1/2 hour or so was windy & chilly!  was glad leyton wore his hat!  

the zoo has been doing renovations, and this year opened a new rainforest exhibit area.  it's pretty neat, but there's a giant spider somewhere that keeps hiding!  

no, that's not the giant spider...; )  

leyton mostly was happy riding the train & the carousel.  the animals were out & lively during the train ride, but they all pretty much hid after that - we didn't get to see the tiger or the bears up close!  *pout*  i did get a nice photo of the spotted leopard.  : )  

when we saw the black swan, i said, "i hope it's not insane like the one in the movie!"  LOL  

 leyton enjoyed the non-drama llamas  : )  

 watch out, this one bites!!

 these guys don't bite, they are sweet!  

 speaking of sweet... : )  

 the plane!  the plane!! 

 photo by leyton.  he will be 4 in 2 weeks.  this is an awesome shot!  : ) 

seriously so much fun!!  we were only there for about an hour, too.  heh.  after that we all went to a tastefully simple open house & had some yummy, yummy samples!  mom & i both ordered about $30 worth of stuff.  and we got the door prize - chip clip for me & gripper thing to help open jars & such for mom.  and leyton... 

then we went to happy joe's for lunch - they have a mac & cheese pizza!?  interesting...!

leyton enjoyed the train around the restaurant.  : )  and after we ate, leyton & i went down to the play area & played air hockey, skee ball, and some other things.  the guy workin' the prize counter was cute, and very nice - leyton had like 44 tickets, and he wanted a sucker that was like 70 tickets, but dude gave it to him anyway.  : ) 

and after all THAT fun, we went to the movies & saw Hop, which we all really enjoyed.  so cute!  andrea said it'd gotten some not-so-good reviews, but mom, leyton & i say "ears up" on this one.  

they dropped me at home around 6 & i have been watching Sliders on hulu ever since.  lol  i'd planned to watch Chuck or GH or CSI (or all of those!  LOL) but then hulu had a section titled 1996, and i wondered what was there - turns out it was the year of X Files, News Radio, and Sliders.  : )  (Hulu just told me i've been watching for 3 hours, and asked if i needed a break!  LOL)  

i haven't had a chance to get to the grocery store, and bret had my car, so around 8:30 i decided i really wanted some sushi.  we have this awesome food delivery service called good2go, so i submitted an order for sushi & salmon from osaka.  an hour later, dinner was served!  : )  

now, i am thinking one more episode of sliders & then sleep!  all the fresh air was awesome, but made me sleepy!  

what'd you get up to today?  


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