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Saturday, 9 April 2011

saturday, comes after friiiiday

have you heard of that friday song by rebecca someone?  it's been getting a lot of flack lately.  like, a LOT.  but it's catchy, and it's in my head, sorta.  i've only heard it the once, and yet it's stuck w/ me.  weird.  

anyway, today was good!  : )  still dealing w/ everything, but had a blessed day.  took the rental back (steely dan) & got chloe.  enterprise was really AWESOME & they comp'd the extra day that i wasn't expecting.  totally nice of them!!     

i got an asiago bagel & cream cheese from panera & then went home to see what movies were playing.  i'd called mom to see if she wanted to go to the show.  she said the boys were over, but she could go after 2.  i decided to skip errands til later & go hang out w/ the boys & phil & mom.  : )  phil had his wisdom teeth out yesterday, so he was moving slow & eating lots of pudding/jello/soup!  heh.  he's doing alright, tho.  : )  

we walked & the boys rode their bikes for awhile.  it was a beautiful day (til later when it got slifling humid & hot!)!  

 favorite of anthony from today  : )  

 mom & i wanted to put handprints in that new cement... LOL  

 i wanted them to say cheese.  anthony did, but wouldn't look at the camera.  leyton was upset for me.  

 waitin for gramma to fix the chain (sadly, she couldn't get it back on w/o a screwdriver).

 he spotted a flock of geese & was very excited!

 anthony said something about shooting the geese, so leyton demonstrated!  LOL 

 the bike had to take a rest, so bring out the motorized bike!  

then we played some frisbee - leyton "taught" me how to throw it.  : )  he's pretty good!  sadly, the game had to end when anthony accidentally hit him in the head w/ the frisbee.  d'oh!  we went in & had some lunch & leyton went down for a nap.  he was tiiiiired!  

(i thought i had a picture of him throwing, but apparently i do not!  darn it!)  

mom & i left to do some retailing & see a movie.  we went to hallmark (i found leyton a great birthday card that plays the chicken dance!), marshalls (found stephen's birthday game, woot!), and tj maxx (found an awesome mug and some british teas, oh yeah!!!).  it was a very fun time!  

then we saw Hanna.  this movie was very, very strange.  did not quite know what was going on thru most of it, but it was still good, at least.  unlike the last really strange movie (skyline.  no, thank you!)!!  *laugh*  

after the movie, we went to WM for some grocery shopping.  we had a supermarket sweep kinda race. LOL  see, we each took a cart, and then were to meet back at the van.  well, i asked mom for the key or the remote, so i could get into the van if i got back first.  "oh, i'm sure i'll beat you back - you have more to get than i do.  and you dawdle."  LOL  i was like, "YOU dawdle!  you were just talking about it today.  plus, i've shopped WM w/ you before..."  heh.  so, i gathered up my groceries - and ran into her in one aisle & she was dawdling over coffee!!  hahahaa.  it was funny.  and THEN, i did beat her back to the van, and was there long enough to read some of my book.  heh.  

came home & tried to watch some ford focus rally, but the computer didn't like that today, so i watched music & lyrics (CUTE!!) and Walker.  made a yummy tuna & pickle sammich for dinner.

now, sleep is calling to me!  *laugh*  have a great night & wonderful sunday!  take a look at this wonderful artwork God gave us tonight... 


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