"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 3 April 2011


today's high was predicted at 72.  it actually reached 81!!  how crazy is that?  for APRIL?  

i was mostly inside the house, tho, cuz bret had my car.  and i didn't have any smokes.  and the computer kept being goofy & randomly shutting off.  and the smoke alarm started chirping.  and did i mention no smokes?  also didn't have time to go to the store last week, so not a lot of food, either.  so i was constantly fighting the snacky urge, the urge to eat bad things.  

i drank lots of water, so that's good.  

and bret brought some milk home so i am now having a nice bowl of cereal.  ahhhh!  

before the computer was goofy, i watched blue bloods, undercover boss, ncis, ncis:LA, CSI:ny  & survivor (most of).  :)  so it was productive!  i finished my brad & angie People, and then popped in Walker, Texas Ranger, season 6.  : )  

lest you think i didn't do anything actually productive - i also did some laundry & dishes!  *grin*  

that's about all i have for today.  lol  i hope your sunday was just as blessed, and relaxing.  God is good, ALL THE TIME!  


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