"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 11 April 2011

do monday HAVE to be frustrating??

apparently the answer today was "yes."  bah.  i felt great yesterday, and all thru the night, and for a little bit when i got up.  then work was kinda stressy & annoying, and my back/tummy didn't feel so good.  :(  and it's better now.  FRUSTRATING!  but i'd like it to just STAY better, ya know?  yeah, i know, you know.  lol  

and, can i just say how annoying impromptu meetings are?  i mean, i understand that sometimes you get pulled into a meeting that you're not expecting or something happens & you have to have an unscheduled meeting.  but to consistently pull ppl into random meetings, or to schedule a meeting for a set period of time (say, an hour) and then go over that meeting time by 30-40 minutes...?  i just think it's rude.  it sends the message, in my opinion, that you don't think anyone else's time is valuable, or that anything they have scheduled could possibly be as important as whatever it is you want to discuss.  

rant rant rant rant rant.


there was some other stuff going on, and someone at lunch said something that hit a nerve.  it's a pet peeve of mine when ppl who have kids automatically assume ppl who don't have kids "can't possibly imagine the (love/pressure/feeling/situation)" that a parent is in.  i care just as deeply about my nieces & nephews as you do about your children.  now, due to my position as aunt rather than parent, there are decisions/responsibilities, etc., that i don't have and you do.  i acknowledge that.  but don't tell me i won't defend, stand up for, protect, or care for my nieces & nephews with the same commitment you have for your children.  you might have that opinion, and hey, you can discuss it w/ other parents who feel the same way!  but don't say it in front of me.  cuz it's gonna irritate me.  i realize that this person totally did not mean anything bad by their comment.  i know they weren't trying to be rude or anything at all.  but that's part of what irritates me - the ... assumption.  the attitude of "parents obviously have a tighter bond w/ their children."  as a general statement.  "oh, if you were a parent..."  NO.  if EVERY parent felt that way about their children, if EVERY parent defended, stood up for, protected and cared for their children just by virtue of being their parent, then i would say okay.  and it wouldn't irritate me.  but the unfortunate truth is that being a parent doesn't automatically give you a "bond" with your child, and plenty of ppl choose to be parents to children who are not biologically related to them in any sense.  plenty of aunts & uncles choose to raise their nieces & nephews when the child's parents are unable for whatever reason.  

i hope that makes sense, especially to my readers who are parents.  not trying to irritate anyone in my irritation!!  : )  

anyway, i was at work til 6 & then i once again was going to go to adolph's but once again didn't make it there.  so i made an omelet at home instead.  and ate way too much popcorn again.  i've been craving corn & popcorn so much the past few days!  idk what's in corn that i'm apparently lacking... lol  

then i was trying to watch Apprentice & once again my computer decided to shut down every 10-15 minutes into the show.  booo!  my fb peeps suggested blowing air into the fan as it might be overheating, so now i need to find some canned air.  office max?  hmmm.  anyway, so i went into safe mode to catch up on my bloggity blogs & write this one.  then i'll go back to regular & try to finish watching Apprentice because oh my goodness it's such a great season!!!  the men are awesome & the women are FALLING APART!  lol  thank God marlee got her charity some good bank, tho.  : )  

oh dear... :(  my mom just called.  once again, suicide has touched the life of those i love.  a young woman with two little girls, a husband, a loving mom & step-dad, step-sisters, and a large extended family who probably didn't know her well, but loved her just the same.  she battled depression, and that depression swallowed her up this week.  please keep my aunt kim and her family in prayer.  i know i'm adding to your prayer lists daily it seems.  i appreciate your taking the time to pray for me, and for my family.  

Dear Lord, 
please comfort aunt kim, uncle rick, and their family.  please wrap Your arms around them, hold them up when they can't stand, show them Your love, Father God.  in Your precious, Holy Name.  amen.  

if you are feeling depressed, there IS help.  if you need to talk, find a pastor, a friend, a family member.  write it out, if that's your way to deal with things (as it is mine).  if you need to talk to a medical professional, if you feel you might need medication, there is NO SHAME in it.  if there is a drug out there (ahem, legal, please) that can regulate something physiological or psychological that is making you feel like hurting yourself, take it! use the help that is out there.  do not take your own life.  do not hurt yourself!  you are LOVED, you are loved, you are loved!!!!!!!

if you want to talk to a stranger, visit hopeline.  if you need to call them, call: 

For Telephone support: Here is a list of our hotlines in the US
(800)442-4673 .....1-800-442-HOPE -- same routing as 1-800-SUICIDE
(877)838-2838 .....1-877-Vet2Vet Veterans peer support line
(800)784-2432 .....1-800-SUICIDA Spanish speaking suicide hotline
(877)968-8454 .....1-877-YOUTHLINE teen to teen peer counseling hotline
(800)472-3457 .....1-800-GRADHLP Grad student hotline
(800)773-6667 .....1-800-PPD-MOMS Post partum depression hotline

there is help, please take advantage of it.  

that's all i have today.  Jesus loves you, and so do i.  *HUGS*



  1. erm. mondayS. i forgot the s. i could go back & edit it. but i kinda like that i'm not perfect. i just wanted you to know i know. ; )

  2. Carrie Marie. You have a big heart, sorry to hear that terrible things have happened to people you know. Hope you are having a good day. We are trying to. There is sun today!!!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your loved one's loss Carrie, seriously...

    And there's this book--Savvy Auntie by Melanie Notkin, that's basically a 'how to' for aunts. In society I think we sometimes forget that there's more people invested in children than just their parents (coming from a person without kids, but with neices and nephews with whom I love so much, I can relate). Anyway, I think you would enjoy it.

  4. thank you both, so much! your thoughts help me a lot today.

    also, chal, thank you for the book recommendation! i'll have to check that out!