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Friday, 29 April 2011

oh the places you will go

do you think katie holmes or kate middleton every really thought they would go to the places they have? do you think when katie was dreaming of tom cruise, she could have ever really envisioned that she would one day be his wife, the mother of his child(ren)?  i wonder what went through kate's mind when she met the prince.  they began as friends, and i think were both seeing other ppl at the time they met at school?  did she know she wanted to be friends with him?  or, as more often happens with friendships, did it sneak up on her, and one day she discovered she actually liked hanging out w/ will.  did she & her girlfriends ever have a "we're hanging out with the PRINCE of ENGLAND" moment?

silly question, that last.  i'm sure they did.  *laugh*  i'm sure at her bachelorette party it was mentioned at least once that she is going to MARRY the PRINCE of ENGLAND!  heh.  

i was randomly up at 4 to use the loo, and i gave serious thought to coming in the living room to watch the royal nuptials.  in the end, tho, after about 20 seconds of debate, i decided that sleep was more important, and that i would enjoy it more if i watched it later.

i was right.  AND i had a lovely sleep!  : )  

tonight when i got home from hanging out w/ debi-bob, i pulled up the youtube channel & watched various clips.  i watched kate walk down the aisle, and the vows, and the balcony, and the kiss - which i'd watched on the news in the breakroom this morning.  i know everyone's talking about the dress, which was lovely and classy and timeless, imo.  but here are some other observations... 

- kate's earrings.  i love dangly earrings!!  

- their smiles.  and both of them trying to hold back smiles during the "serious" portions of the ceremony.  i had the BIGGEST grin on my face as i watched them, each time they looked at each other i could feel their affection radiating out.  

- the way they talked to each other during the ceremony & on the balcony.  

- their EASE.  they both were so relaxed!  MILLIONS of ppl are watching them, cheering for them, etc., and they are totally at ease.  i mean, they both looked around a couple times seemingly a little nervous, but it was "normal wedding nervous", not "millions of ppl and the Queen are watching me" nervous.  LOL  dude officiating the ceremony (uh... i know his name is roland, but can't remember his title, i'm sorry!) stumbled once, but wills & kate spoke their lines steadily & with confidence.  LOVE IT!  

- the production value!!!  oh my heck, westminster abbey must've been wired up the yin yang, because there were cameras everywhere, and the ppl behind the editing were amazing, too.  it was like watching a movie, a really awesome movie that i could FF thru all the boring parts.  (again, sorry, but all that singing was really not what i was watching for!  *laugh*)  

so happy for them!  i sincerely hope that everyone - much as we the public would like to see them - will respect their wish for a couple years of privacy.  and especially that no one will start harping at them about children!!  give them time to be the duke & duchess of cambridge first, ya know?  : )  


in other news - i had LOTS of fun hanging out w/ bob tonight!!  : )  she & the boys made me some crafts, which i'll scan in tomorrow hopefully.  and jacob found turtle buttons & sent them to me!  too cute!  also, she made me some banana bread, which i had a piece of a minute ago & it was so yummy! (thanks, bob!!)  we went to dynasty buffet for chinese & sushi, and it was particularly delicious tonight!  we pretty much closed the place, too.  *laugh*  

tomorrow we're going to do some more hanging out & a little shopping.  woot woot!!  then i might head over to a local hall to watch my friend jennifer's dad attempt a world record title - he is going to attempt 2000 push ups in an hour.  the current record is 1940, i think.  it would be neat to see, but idk if i'll have time, so we'll see!! 

and now i really need to SLEEP!  i'm very grateful that my computer let me watch all the wedding stuff.  : )  

did you watch?  what'd you think?  do share!!  


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