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Friday, 15 April 2011

a friday list

howdy bloggy peeps!  did you have a good friday?  some of you didn't, i know, and i'm sorry!  :(  hopefully saturday will be great enough to make up for it!  (just say NO to the drama llama!)

i'm WAY sleepy & ready for bed, so here's a quick recap: 

- doctor went well.  have lost 43lbs since September.  doc thinks the pain i'm having is muscular & i need to get more iron back in my diet, as well as some stretches & things.  

- adding to the prayer list - trish fell at the gas station today, bruising her knee up pretty good & injuring her shoulder.  praying for quick healing & no surgery!  her daughter is planning a wedding, there's no time for surgery!  

- work went alright, but was tiring!  was happy to see 4:10 come along.  didn't even try to stay til 5.  just packed up & said see ya monday!  

- after work, i picked up erin & we went to HH for a quick dinner before the movie.  we saw Arthur, and i really liked it!!  (erin didn't like a few things, but overall enjoyed it.)  i haven't seen the original one in AGES, so i think i'll have to find it.  this one was funny & sweet.  i like russell brand!  (?  i think that's his name...LOL)

- came home to People magazine (10-page royal wedding guide, yes!!) & was gonna try to watch some GH or something, but i'm just too tired.  my brain is ready to shut off for the evening!

- tomorrow should be fun.  leyton turns FOUR and we're having a party w/ two cakes (wwe & construction).  : )  hopefully i remember to bring my big camera.  looking forward to taking pictures & having some fun!!  : ) 

so, there ya go!  *laugh*  hope your saturday's super!!  ttfn!

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