"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 18 April 2011


otherwise known as oh my heck.

i still remember when i first heard the phrase.  one of my first missionaries from the LDS church, sister lisa thurman.  gosh, i miss her!  we were friends for awhile after her mission, emailing & writing letters.  and then suddenly, as has happened more times than i care to count (tho i can name every one of them), *poof*!  no more lisa.  where'd she go?  why'd she stop writing?  and why did this silly little piece of her, this phrase that i adore, stick with me?  i probably over-use it, but ... i just really like it!  

anyway, how'd everyone's monday go?  mine started out a little stilted, hard to get up!  rainy & dark & cold outside, not encouraging me to come out of my nice, warm cocoon!  but i did, and i had enough time to stop at the buck's for a skinny vanilla latte (which, if you are curious, isn't as "skinny" as one might think, but it is better than a non-skinny one, i guess).  

back into the swing of work, got lots accomplished, met some new ppl, was able to help some ppl & had to disappoint others.  it really saddens me when i have to deny ppl something after another rep has told them it's okay for them to do it.  i mean, i don't feel bad for me - like, i'm not uncomfortable telling ppl "no" or enforcing the rules.  i'm also not uncomfortable making exceptions to rules i'm allowed to make exceptions to. (did that make sense?)  i feel bad, tho, because it makes us look bad.  "us" as a group, not me personally.  and... i don't get mad about it, really, because everyone (including me, i know it's a shocker LOL) makes mistakes and anyone can get something wrong.  

*sigh*  i guess the feeling it gives me is disappointment.  we all work so hard!  to have a stupid mistake cause us to look like we don't know what we're doing... and especially when someone's money/time is involved...!  ugh.

so, i'm happy that monday is down & we only have 3 days left of this week!  cuz friday i will be sleeping in, running errands, and then picking leyton up from daycare & meeting mom to see Rio!  at least, that's the plan. : )  happy happy joy joy!!  

also happy w/ my Easter shopping... now i just have to figure out when i'm going to mail everything!!  heh.  i'll try to remember to take pictures of the baskets before i ship 'em out.  i think they're gonna be cuuuuute!  

what else?  not so happy w/ bret at this moment.  he went to KC for a conference two weekends ago, and then didn't come home.  but he did eat all my coconut eggs... which, you know, is not such a big deal by itself.  but then he didn't come home when he said he was going to.  i texted.  he replied that he fell asleep at his friend's.  alright, cool.  then he didn't come home the next night & didn't tell me he wouldn't be home.  i texted & he said he'd stayed at nick's to help him w/ the painting.  i finally called him the next (?) night because i'd texted him to pick up some milk & he didn't respond & there wasn't any milk.  so then i called & he said he'd stayed at nick's again to help w/ the painting.  didn't say anything about staying staying there, tho.  and yet, he hasn't been back here that i know of... so then yesterday i texted to ask if he'd moved out but just hadn't told me?  then when there was no response, i texted something about his phone being off.  cuz, ya know, if it was off he wouldn't get it but if it wasn't off he would text me back & say, "oh, no, it's not off, and of course i haven't moved out w/o telling you."

so, again, this all wouldn't be a big deal except for a couple things - one is that i lock the DB at night, and he doesn't have a key for it, so i didn't want to lock him out if he was coming home, but i'm not going to leave the door unlocked when i go to bed!  the other is that he does owe me some money, because he agreed to pay me a certain amount a month while he was here, as well as buying groceries.  and he was paying me semi-regularly, but then stopped because his checks were less or something.  and, it's not like i'm dependent on that money, but ... well... i do have some spring & summer travel plans, and i have been expecting the money.  does that make sense?  i mean, oh, it's so annoying!  i don't like reducing things to money!  

but, it's like - i am feeling a bit used.  and it doesn't help that tonight his mom, sister & i all left something on his FB, mostly in fun because i seriously figured his phone was off.  i don't assume ppl are really ignoring me!  lol  but then a few seconds after his mom put something on his wall, he posted something: 

I'm a man after God's own heart! A student of His emotions. That's all you need to know about me.

and i couldn't help but think - if you're a man after God's own heart, you wouldn't be ignoring me.  and then i feel bad for thinking that because what if someone else has his phone for some reason and they posted that so we'd know he was okay but they don't want to respond... yeah, i'm reaching for excuses for rude behavior.  *sigh*  the more likely scenario for that status is - we all were worried & looking for him, and he's telling us we don't need to know where he is.  or, it could be something entirely different!  *laugh*  


for it not being a bad day, i've got kinda sad thoughts going on here!!  

and i don't really have anything else to share today!  tomorrow is going to be a blessed and wonderful day!  : )  


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