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Sunday, 24 April 2011


i loved spending time w/ these three, and mom, this evening.  so thankful that i've been able to hang out w/ leyton so much!  and phil - have seen him more in the past weekend than i had in a month!  : ) 

he took the boys home at 7 (anthony really enjoyed his Easter basket!) & i stayed to watch the next restaurant owner or something whatever show curtis & bobby flay are on... cuuute!  and then celeb apprentice, which was a really good episode!  next week looks like it's gonna get crazy between a couple ppl.  ooooh.  

heh.  not ready to get back to work tomorrow!  but grateful for a job to go to... lol  just wish i had another couple days off.  : )  

hope your monday goes SWELL!  ttfn!

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  1. Such great photos :) What a fun baseball game! I just adore your nephews! I was def not ready to go back to work today either :( bla! But like you said, thankful for a job! Glad you got to spend time with your precious family xo