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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

three dog night

here is a band i don't know anything about - other than i like their music!  : )  featured tonight on buck rogers.  heh.  

today was an alright tuesday.  slightly less stressful than yesterday, anyway.  we went to hy vee for lunch, and i had some yummy swedish meatballs, along w/ cottage cheese & some delicious melon and fruit salad!  there are good salad bars and great salad bars, and the hy vee by work has a GREAT salad bar!  : )  and then, for dinner... i finally got ADOLPH'S!  !!! !!!!!!!!  : )  : )  : )  the only bad thing about their red salsa is that after eating it, no other salsa tastes right!  *grin*

i decided not to even mess w/ watching something online tonight, and instead have been watching - you guessed it (cuz you read it earlier) - buck rogers!  ray walston and gary coleman and jamie lee curtis were guest stars so far on this side of the disc.  : )  

and that's about all i have to say about today.  talked w/ bug, who had some bad news regarding a family member of hers - really what is going on w/ all the bad stuff nowadays??  it's like an attack.  like the Nothing from The Neverending Story is pushing in, trying to take all the joy outta life!  

well, i say FIGHT BACK!  "the joy of the LORD is my strength!"  "don't worry, be happy!"  "make love not war!"  etc., etc. ... 

anyway, i leave you w/ two happy things - i won a $25 gift card today for my participation in a scavenger hunt (woot!!!), and also, a direct swap pc from russia (the Sura River, so pretty!) and some postcrossings from finland & france.  

how's your week going so far?  ttfn!

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