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Thursday, 21 April 2011

did you know?

that there's a whole group theorizing that the new madrid fault is set to rumble??  i was completely unaware of this theory until today.  and i can't decide - from everything i've been reading - if it's crazy conspiracy stuff or really something that's on the way...

either way, tho, it got me to thinking about getting the old Emergency Bag going again!  i think i need to do it on a much grander scale now, tho, because i would want to make sure i had enough for mom and leyton, phil & anthony & jen if necessary.  and angel, of course.  would have to make sure to add in water & food for her.  i didn't just start thinking about it because of that article, tho - the starting of the lists was put into my head when i read those disaster books a few months ago, remember?  food & water,  clothes, of course.  batteries & flash lights, blankets, umbrella... these spring to mind immediately for everyone, i think.  some things i might've forgotten about, or not thought of needing a few months' supply anyway - medicine, feminine products, TP, pens & paper... i'm pretty good about packing things, from all my travel.  but there are still things that when i see them on other ppl's lists, i'm all like "ohhhh!  right, that would be helpful!"  heh.  

my problem w/ things that i use all the time (TP, FP, meds) is that it's hard to keep an "extra" supply, ya know?  and things like bottled water - i don't drink bottled water, and idk how long it lasts?  so how do i buy it for "emergencies" when it could expire?  and how does water expire?  it's water!  

anywhoo!  something to work on, i guess.  along w/ getting my house organized and decorated.  so many things i want to do, so little energy to DO them!  

i spend my energy on playing w/ leyton!  : )  and it's so worth it!  tonight i met him & mom at CFA for some nummy food & an easter egg hunt & of course the cow.  : )  leyton took a nap on the car ride over, and he wasn't really in the best mood when he got up, so i don't really have any pictures!  i know, is a shocker!  i did take some w/ my phone, but haven't sent them to myself yet.  LOL  we had fun anyway.  

and tomorrow will be super fun!!  i hardboiled some eggs when i got home tonight, and other than the problem that is i want to eat them all, things turned out okay!  hopefully i will resist the urge to eat them all before we get a chance to decorate them.  heeeheee!  while at WM buying the eggs, i also picked up $20 worth of canned food, PB & ramen for a food drive we're having at work.  most of the time i don't have the money to donate or i forget about it.  

this month, tho, is about sacrifice.  tomorrow is the day we remember Christ's sacrifice for us.  and sunday is the day we remember HE IS RISEN!  : )  i am so grateful to my Savior, Creator, Healer, Friend... and in honor of His sacrifice, i've chosen to step outside of my box a little bit & donate some goods!  i'm sure i could donate more... 

for instance... had i not bought my Renegade dvd's and instead donated that money.  but, i did, so i'm going to enjoy reno raines!  and one of these days i'm going to find lorenzo's other series on dvd & have an Immortal marathon.  oh yes, i'd forgotten all about that show til just now!  i can't believe that one only lasted one season, tho - seems like i watched more episodes... lol  probably merged my memories of that show w/ Highlander... hmmm.

i'm a little all over the place tonight, right?  still haven't heard from bret.  :(  but i talked w/ misha & that was nice anyway!  

what else?   i don't know!  i had many thoughts in my head, but as the night wears on, and i get distracted by shiny things... yeah.  *laugh*  well, disc 1 of renegade is over, it's 1 am, and i think that's my cue to go to bed!!  : )  thankfully, tomorrow is also about SLEEPING IN!  whenever i get up, i will get my Easter packages packed & watch more Renegade or Buck or Celeb Apprentice & Survivor if my computer cooperates...!  : )  then picking up leytonbug & RIO!  

have a great friday, and remember - JESUS LOVES YOU!!!  : )  


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