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Thursday, 7 April 2011


pretty happy day!  lots to do, lots to get done, lots that got done... LOL  lots of changes going on, and so far i am in my bubble.  praying to stay in the protective coating, because i don't really like what i'm seeing.  some things are good - or have the potential to be good if anyone would actually LISTEN to certain ppl's knowledge.  it's pretty sad to me when someone (anyone) feels like being an expert in something is a BAD thing.  ppl work hard to gain a level of success in their chosen field.  they should totally be recognized and appreciated for their hard work!!  

speaking of recognition - i got my 5 year watch in the post today.  : )  that smile would be much bigger if the watch actually fit.  *sigh*  well, it looks pretty anyway... 

after work i met mom & the boys at steak & shake for dinner.  i got a mushroom swiss (no bun, cuz, well... blech), but then after we were done eating i saw they had a fish & chips special!  d'oh!  i totally would have gone for the fish!  ah well.  anthony was in a good mood, and leyton was once he was fed.  LOL  

he'll be FOUR on saturday.  hooray!!!  

 i'll get a big spoon full of whipped cream!  
and it'll make its way to anthony's spoon... 

 playing w/ anthony's itouch moodring application.  ; )  

so cute!  : ) 

got home about 7 & watched Survivor, CSI: Miami, CSI, white collar & Castle.  WC & castle make me so happy!  really, the boys make me happy... LOL  and they are amazing shows, so there.  

oh my heck, i am so tired!!  gotta hopefully pick up chloe before work tomorrow.  right now, gotta SLEEP!!  

how was your day?  hope it was fab & that you're ready for friday!!  


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