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Saturday, 16 April 2011

just go w/ it... again

ran home after leyton's party to look up movie times & dump the pictures from the party.  photos like this one:

and this one:

and i'll be sharing more once i get home for reals & get things looked thru.  : )

on my way here, i went down an ally, and got BACKED INTO by a young girl... her bf/brother/guy in the car w/ her was REALLY ANGRY and calling her a bitch & a ho & yelling a lot.  i had to be really calm.  at one point he went at her like he was gonna hit her, and she jerked back, so ... ya know... it didn't look that bad, just paint on the bumper, i think...

so i just stayed really calm & talked in my "let's not be angry" voice & told her it was okay & told him, it's okay, and noticed there were kids in the car so asked if they were okay.  everyone was fine, so i just let it go.  i'll have phil look it over when i get to mom's, but since i was going slow cuz it was a pot-hole filled street, and i was braking & honking cuz i saw her backing out, and she wasn't going fast, so ... ya know?!

oye.  but really!!!  *laugh*

okay, gonna go to mom's now & we might take leyton to see a movie.  ttfn!!


  1. Yikes Carrie! Anger problems!! I feel bad for those kids! Glad it wasn't more serious than that though, and everyone is okay! :) Hope you are haing a good weekend!

  2. thanks, katie! hope you're weekend's awesome, too!! : )