"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

God is GREAT !!!!

seriously, seriously thankful!  

this morning was interesting - i thought the dealership service dept opened at 7, so i got up & called - no answer.  i made some breakfast, hopped online, and called again.  got an answer at the main switch board, and she switched me back to service - no answer.  i waited 5 minutes & called back.  transferred to the service dept. & bill answers.  we chat about the car & what i need to do.  he sends me back to the front, to be transferred to the collision center.  no answer.  i call back to the front - by this point, i've introduced myself to kathy at the main switchboard, and she recognizes my number on caller ID, saying "Hi Carrie."  : )  she transfers me again, no answer.  so i wait 1/2 an hour & call back, kathy transfers me, and i get rachel at the collision center!

i get squared away there, she helps me out w/ enterprise, enterprise helps me out right back.  you see, i don't have a credit card.  the rental agency doesn't take cash or checks, and there's a $200 deposit for money orders.  (?!?!?!)  i don't have $200 to give to enterprise for 3 days!  i'm a repeat customer for pete's sakes!  i understand the necessity of a security deposit when you don't know who has your car, but ... come on!  anyway, patrick likely felt that way, too, because he worked it out w/ rachel that i would pay the collision center & they would PO enterprise for the car.  SWEET!  i have to say, that was EXCELLENT customer service on both patrick and rachel's parts.  thank you to both places of business for allowing that level of service to be extended!!!  : )  

after all the phone calls (and one to mom), i headed out, and by this time it was about 9.  i stopped at the bank to get cash to pay for the car & then on to the collision center.  they were efficient in their estimate, and while i waited in the very comfortable waiting area, i created an event for dinner w/ my friend anna & a group of our friends, to welcome her back to the area!  woot woot!  they got me all set  to go (total repairs, $300+.  thank God for my $250 deductible!) & enterprise picked me up.

my rental car is a honda civic, i believe.  i've named him steely dan, because he is a really neat gunmetal gray.  he's comfy & sleek & i do enjoy driving him.  but his power windows are a bit odd, and i look forward to having chloe back!  

stopped at the bucks for a vanilla chai (because patrick had a chai on his desk & it sounded really good!) and i gave in to a tiramisu cake pop.  ... ... ... umm.  i have several friends who really enjoy these, so i'm sorry... i just did not!  i mean, it was okay, it wasn't awful or anything like that.  it's just that around st patrick's day, someone at work made cake pops.  and their pops were GOOOD.  and they were the first ones i'd ever had, so they're kinda my standard.  the bucks did not meet my standard today.  :  (   ah well, at least the chai was delicious!  

i got to work at 10:30 & it was non-stop crazy.  plus cut off for claims!  and everyone wanted/needed help w/ something NOW.  *laugh*  thankfully, i was prepared (mostly), and got all the claims in by 4 so i could work vacations & then get outta there at 4:30, to meet aunt jan at 5 for dinner!  hooray, God!  : )  

met auntie at a local pizza place for DELICIOUS pizza, buffet style!  : )  they also have kick-butt meatballs & marinara sauce!  mmmmm!  we had so much fun catching up, and she brought pictures of their vacation.  oh my heck, GORGEOUS lakes!!  i wanna go - they're so big and clear and beautiful!!  she very kindly treated me to dinner, and gave me a thank-you card & thank-you gift for helping out last month - PRAISE THE LORD - the amount will cover my deductible and give me something to add to savings.  nice!!  (savings, Lord willing, which will be used for my trip to omaha over memorial day for joy's family reunion!! *grin*)

ahhhh.  we finally had to leave & get home, but it was a fairly long visit, and did i mention fun?  lol  

when i got home, i chatted w/ april for a bit (please keep her in prayer as she's had a monster headache/migraine this week) & watched a really awesome episode of celebrity apprentice (go john rich!!  go marlee matlin!!!) & wrote micaela a letter.  happy happy evening!  oh, there might've been some Walker in there, as well.  lol  it was getting frustrating to watch apprentice cuz my computer kept randomly shutting down.  botheration.  gonna hafta call the Geek Squad!  only if one of them could be Chuck from the Nerd Herd... ; )  

erin called & we chatted about GH & whatnot, and made plans to hang out & see Arthur (if it's out) next weekend.  woot!!!  : )  

and now, BED is calling!  heh.  i leave you w/ a nifty postcrossing from Germany... i like to call it, "the monkey on my back isn't so much a monkey..."

love ya, bloggity peeps!  ttfn!! 

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