"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

ya got ta have friiiiiends

i have totally gotta go to bed!  *laugh*  so tired!  just a quick note, then...

fairly normal day at work.  BUSY.  *laugh*  at one point i felt like i couldn't answer IM's fast enough, everything kept blinking at me & then i'd just get someone answered & a new one would pop up!  and i don't mind answering things thru IM - it's much easier than the phone!  and even w/ all of that, i did get a lot accomplished, which was nice.  some days it seems like i don't get anything on my list done, but today i only had to move a couple things around in order to get things done!  : )  

lunch was nice, even if the cottage cheese was sold out!  *laugh*  ever since our cafeteria started carrying cottage cheese, i've had some every day!  love it!  : )  but today, someone got to it before me, so oh well.  heh.  i had a liverwurst sammich (YUMMY) and some melon and some soup, with a cookie for dessert.  

but dinner was amazing!  i left work a little after 5:30 & got to exotic thai about 10 minutes before anna.  dawn & brooklyn arrived about 10 minutes after her.  so much fun!!!  i'm thinking the last time i saw both of them was at anna's going away lunch!  *laugh*  and the last time i saw brook she was only like a year & a half, and now she is three!  so talkative & smart & polite, and great table manners!!  : )  we had a great visit & just hanging out & catching up & i am truly blessed by my friends!  

i had pumpkin curry, of course.  *laugh*  but our server was a gal who's known me (as a customer) for like 3 years, and so she made extra sure to tell the chef exactly my order - sometimes when i order something "different" (in this case, no meat, extra pumpkin) it gets messed up thru miscommunication, i think!  *laugh*  but tonight, it was perfect!  and i ordered sa te to go w/ it - because their grilled chicken is superb, and especially w/ peanut sauce!!  : )  anna had some sweet & sour tofu, and dawn & brooklyn shared chicken noodles (which looked really yummy!).  AND i have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  woot!  

i hope your day went well, and that you got to spend some time w/ good friends and/or family!  

now i must sleep, hopefully well, as my "friend" is making me extra achey!  :(  tomorrow is erika's funeral.  :(  please keep praying for our family.  and healing for my tummy/muscles/back/whatever!  please and thank you!


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