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Sunday, 17 April 2011


i'm feeling a little off today, like i think it should still be saturday, because i spent all day out & about w/ mom & leyton instead of ensconced indoors as i normally am on sundays!

mom called, waking me up at 10:30.  leyton had apparently woken up eeeearrrrly, at like 6:30 this morning, so they went to early service & then were ready for lunch early.  so, i hurried up & woke up & got ready to go & they picked me up & we went to IHOP for breakfast for lunch.  heh.  or, brunch, as the cool kids like to call it.  LOL

we had some fun playing w/ the Cars cars leyton wanted to bring from my house.  they are FAST and the table was tilted a bit, causing some ... hilarity.  heh.  what was not fast?  our service.  now, the restaurant was busy, of course.  sunday brunch is always a busy time for restaurants!  however, that is no excuse for what happened.  i ordered a mushroom & spinach omelet, no onion, w/ a side of pancakes.  when our food finally came out, the pancakes were stone cold, not even edible.  the omelet was good - not hot, but not freezing - however it was missing a key ingredient - mushrooms!  i had it taken off the bill.  there was just no way i thought mom (who was kindly buying brunch) should have to pay for a meal which was wrong & of which i couldn't even eat 1/2!  oye.  i made sure to leave a little extra tip, tho, giving our waiter the benefit of the doubt, that it wasn't his bad timing which caused the food to be cold... or the mushrooms to be non-existent!  lol

 he was doing the cena hand thing... 

it was nice to hang out w/ mom & leyton two days in a row!!  : )

after our meal, we brought leyton home & then mom & i went to see gnomeo & juliet, which was really a very cute movie!  oh, we had an hour to kill before the movie, so we went to gordman's.  lots of fun stuff there!  : ) i found a cute Little People for leyton's easter basket, too!  woot!  and a book for adam's.

which reminds me that i need to get cracking w/ everyone's "baskets."  most of them will be arriving way late after easter!!  lol  leyton will get his on thursday (and anthony if he's hanging out w/ us like normal that night!) but everyone else... i probably won't be able to mail out til friday or saturday!

anyway, i got home around 4:30 or 5 & watched The Good Wife & Bones & caught up on blogs.

i also took a trip down Sweet Valley High memory lane... and discovered that as much as i loved the Sweet Valley series, there's a lot i don't remember/didn't know - such as that there were more series than i remember, and there was a lot of drama in those books!  i mean, i remember a theme of drama, but - for instance i don't remember elizabeth ever "experimenting w/ her sexuality."  what the what?  huh?  and i don't remember their brother being gay... or elizabethe eloping on a cruise ship... or jessica & liz constantly being kidnapped/held at knifepoint/in danger from crazy ppl!!  what books did i read??  LOL  and i remember jessica being a brat, but i don't remember her being ... evil?  all the story descriptions i read described her as being the "evil" twin, and that she was constantly doing things to hurt liz.

so now i want to go back & read some of them & see just what do i remember & what would i discover anew.  alas, i sold my collection, and don't really want to buy them again, so... *laugh*  but then i started thinking i want to read some Babysitter's Club books over, too, & see what i have forgotten about THOSE!

anywhoo - i'm like 1/2 an hour late for bed, so have a great day & pray that tomorrow is a WONDERFUL day!  : )


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