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Friday, 22 April 2011

GOOD Friday Part II

i picked leyton up from the sitter's & we met mom at the theatre for Rio.  CUTE movie, and one that i will want to own!  also i might want the soundtrack!  : )  leyton really liked it, he was literally dancing to some of the songs, which was also so cute!  : )  

after the movie, we splashed in some puddles on the way to the car.  then we splashed in some puddles on the way back to the theatre cuz leyton had to potty.  LOL  then we splashed back to the car.  yes, it's a little rainy.  the mississippi is way flooded.  : (  it's supposed to start going down after the weekend, tho.  and tomorrow & sunday are supposed to be nice... 

we went to gordman's because i had a giftcard.  leyton got a cute Cars toy - we'd just been talking about how he needed a Mater, and this is the one he picked: 

we got some toys for the north carolina donation box, and then headed to WM for the other donation stuff - mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deoderant, diapers, wipes, q-tips, shampoo, pain relievers, eye drops, contact solution, dog food, cat food, feminine products... and then i'll put the blanket & food in there & give it to the office tomorrow.  leyton did so well picking out some things, for the ppl in NC.  loved it!!  he also tested out some exercise equipment and picked out the bin ... 

we checked out & i spent a *ahem* little more than i had planned... oops!  might have to move some funds into the checking account til next week!  d'oh!  

we went to wendy's for dinner (a LATE dinner cuz he was still full from popcorn til then!) & played w/ the new 'mater for a bit before coming home to wind down w/ a thomas movie.  

well, of course before the winding down there was some jumping.  i mean, this IS aunt carrie's emporium of fun, after all.  LOL  

finally it was bedtime, and i am watching some more Renegade while reading & writing the blogs, but i should make it bedtime for myself soon.  it's 1 am & i know even though he went to bed late, he'll be up no later than 8!  then i think we'll hide some eggs, paint some other eggs, maybe jump some more, maybe watch phineas & ferb (or more thomas...LOL)... it'll be a good saturday!  

so grateful for this day!  i hope you are blessed as well!  



  1. Great shots of Leyton jumping-- especially the first and last ones. Glad you had a good day!

  2. thank you, your majesty!! : )

  3. Looks like someone had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy holidays