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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

stuff & things

brrrrr!  where did spring go?  seems we have winter back in the midwest... 

and i'm ready to go to bed.  i just want to snuggle into my blankets & pillows... zzzzzzzzz!  i think i'll head there after this episode of buck rogers.  i know it's not even 10 yet as i write this!  this is a really long episode of buck, tho, so i think it'll be ten before it's over!  LOL  

today was our birthday food day at work, and of course i forgot!  i only organize these things, and then i forget to bring my treat!  yeesh.  there were some yummy treats to enjoy, still.  egg dish, strawberry muffins, fruit & dip, cheese, some really yummy organic chips & guac... mmm!  i also forgot that it was cutoff for claims, til i looked at the highlighted square on my calendar.  whoops!  thankfully, i don't let the claims pile up too much.  lol  still, was looking at the numbers from the year, and oh my goodness, i really have been busy!!  i mean, i know i've been busy - i have the OT to prove it.  lol  but it's just something to see the numbers, ya know?

yeah, i'm a dork, whatevs.  ; )  

when i got home tonight, i made grilled ham & cheese & tomato soup for dinner.  perfect on a chilly, rainy day!  idk if i've mentioned it before - but the light wheat bread makes excellent grilled cheese!  it crisps right up w/o getting stiff or wooden-tasting.  : )  

april & i got to chat a little tonight, which was nice!  even if she was sleepy.  heh.  

what else?  buck's over & my mind is going all zzzzz-y again, so i think i'll just leave you w/ the postcrossings i received the other day, from holland & russia.  take care!  ttfn!

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  1. i love catching up with you on your fun posts! :)

    mmm and comfort food is the best.

    so is that last postcard! xoxo