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Thursday, 28 April 2011

well, shoot

yesterday after work i picked up subway ($2 meatball and cold cut combo 6" subs, ppl!  get 'em while it's still april!) & then went to hang out w/ anthony & leyton for a bit.  even got to see phil!  : )  

got home at 10:30, and promptly went to bed.  w/o turning on the livingroom light or anything!

today was a little stressy & quite exhausting, but i did get to chat w/ debi & april a bit and so that made the day go by fast!  well, that & the insane amount of work i have every day.  *laugh*  oh, AND!  i got to lunch with 4 friends i don't normally get to see, one of whom works in a different building now & we had a BLAST!  so hilarious, we chatted about all sortsa stuff.  it was really a lot of fun!  

after work, went to WM to pick up my rx & some milk & waffles - which i forgot the waffles.  BUT i did remember soda and jello, so we're okay.  : )  

oh, wait, before i went to WM - i went to CFA to meet mom & the boys.  except i only got to see them for a quick hug, because jen suddenly changed plans & decided she wasn't playing volleyball & was going over to her bf's & so she needed to pick up the kids before going across the river.  mom was LIVID at this change in plans - not because the plans changed, but because of the way/time she was informed.  if jen would have let her know earlier, she would have taken the boys to steak & shake or something closer to their house instead of CFA, which is across town.  i just think sometimes ppl don't think about how their actions affect other ppl. jen didn't think about how her actions would affect mom.  mom didn't think about how her actions (or attitude) would affect jen.  anthony didn't think about how his actions would affect anyone.  (he made me almost cry last night, and not in the good way!)  bret ... well, never mind there.  idk what's going on w/ that boy.  

anyway, so mom was going to take the boys over to aldi to meet jen, but then jen was done shopping so she came over to pick the boys up.  and mom said she wished jen would have let her know earlier that the plans were changing & to please let her know next time.  her voice wasn't the kindest, but she was kinda put out... 

after jen & the boys left, mom & i went across the street to azteca 2 for dinner.  i had thought she'd already eaten, but i guess just the boys had... (btw, when leyton saw me, he gave me a biiiiig hug & that made me feel really good!)  so, salsa, cheese dip, chips, quesadilla w/ ground beef & cheese & sour cream & tomato.  YUMMY!  except later my tummy didn't really enjoy something, but idk what it could have been!  i eat all that stuff normally.  lol  

mom got some time to vent, and that was good.  too often - and i might have mentioned this before - she doesn't really TALK about things, and then they just explode at some point.  so, venting is good.  (debi, i'm looking at you when i say that, too... LOL)

speaking of debi (aka bob)... she is coming to visit tomorrow!!!!!!!!  *bouncecheer*  so happy!  i haven't seen her since last march, when we all met up at sarah's to meet baby chase!  wait... didn't i road trip last summer?  maybe.  i'll have to check my notes.  i may have seen her since that trip.  anyway, whatevs, she'll be here tomorrow after work & we're gonna hang out & go out to eat & do some shopping & just HANG OUT!!!  : )  excited!!!!

now, it's 11:30 & i am really ready to sleep.  i am contemplating getting up at 4 am to watch some of the royal wedding on the royal youtube channel.  we'll see if i am able to pull myself outta bed ... if not, i'll be checking out all the blogs later!  : )  have a great FRIDAY - TGIF!!!!  and i'll say - ttfn!  : )  

today's card is brought to you by Ukraine!  

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