"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 16 April 2011

super-happy saturday, part II

leyton's party was so much fun!!  they got a spider-man bouncy house, phil grilled hotdogs, shelly made a taco salad.  i took about 300 photos... LOL  

leyton has a little girlfriend, maddie.  so cute!  

and she can count en espanol!  : )  she got quite a few eggs in the easter egg hunt.  leyton didn't do too badly, either.  and all the kids had fun - it was a really good idea jen had!!  : )  

there were presents to be opened & then  football playing & just general running around.  

 oh yes, and there was cake!  w/ blue frosting... heh

i left about 3:15 or 3:30, had that little run-in, went home, checked movie times & chronicled stuff, then went to mom's to hang out.

aunt sandy kindly sent him a birthday dollar!  : ) 
he bought a sailboat to play with in the tub.

we were going to see Gnomeo & Juliet, but leyton wanted to go shopping instead.  lol  it was cute - he was excited about the movie, and then suddenly decided he didn't really want to go to a movie.  so i said, "well, would you rather go shopping?"  not really expecting him to enthusiastically say, "YES!  gramma, let's go shopping!"  lololol  it was hilarious.

and so we went to WM.  at one point, he discovered he could fit on one of the shelves.  and i promise you he said to me, "aunt carrie, take out your camera and take a picture of me!"

LOVE IT!!  : ) 

we brought my groceries home & then we went to hickory garden for dinner.  we'd planned to go to applebee's, but then leyton heard the balloon lady wouldn't be there, so he changed his mind & decided he wanted breakfast.  heh.  i had a lovely pecan crusted tilapia and baked potato.  mmmm!  i'll maybe put some pictures on the Menu later of the food.  for now, enjoy these...   

it was a wonderful 4th birthday, and i'm so thankful that i have been blessed to spend every one of leyton's 4 birthdays with him.  i pray that the Lord continues to bless me w/ many more birthdays w/ my lil leytonbug!  ("aunt carrie," he says to me today, "why do you call me that?" ... "i don't know," i replied, "i just like it.  is it okay?"  ... "yes.  you can call me that."  *melt*  : )  

i got home about 10 & my computer allowed me to watch two episodes of Castle & one of Bones.  hooray!  shall attempt one more of bones & then survivor tomorrow!  for now, tho, it's after 1 & i am TUCKERED!  : )  

what'd you get up to today?  do share!  ttfn!  


  1. awwww such a fun birthday celebration indeed!!! :) his little girlfriend - ADORABLE!!! man oh man i wish i could have partied with y'all instead of being stuck at work ;) but! your sweet letter kept me company... i decided to read it every free min at work instead of at home so that i would have something to look forward to ;) and i'm glad it did! you were my sunshine for sure. xoxoxo!

  2. i'm glad you got it & liked it!! : )

  3. LOVELOVELOVE that convo about his nickname! I call my niece "Goo", which stemmed from her name Eva Lucia (Evalu to Lulu to LuGoo, to just goo, haha). She calls me TeeWee, a version of tia. I love that it has caught on with her little brother and the rest of my family :)

    What a fun birthday party! The cakes were super cool, and I'm sure the football/bouncy castle wore the kids out!

  4. oh, katie, good story! love the progression of Goo!! : )