"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 30 April 2011

what a lovely day! (many photos!)

today was so nice!!  first, tho, i had a really weird dream - i don't even know what it was about now, but there was, of course, a crazy bathroom involved.  this one had black stalls, and the doors were at hip-level, like those turnstyles at the amusement parks.  and was apparently co-ed, as georgette, kristie, bret, and some actor were all there.  georgette was sitting at a table reading a magazine.  then there were bunk beds in the bathroom as well... and i remember thinking, the first time i went into this room in the dream - "i should be waking up soon, as this is definitely not a real bathroom!"  but then i wasn't waking up.  and i ended up in there twice, and finally finally i woke up - and you guessed it, had to use the loo!  LOL 

anyway, once i got up for reals, i picked debi-bob up & we went to penney's to find some church outfits for the boys.  i ended up finding a really cute dress for ariyana and a really cute spring/summer purse for myself.  which i almost got for free cuz the lady didn't charge me for it.  LOL debi was like, "did she charge you for the purse?"  aw, snap!  so, we went back & then she did, and the $45 purse which was on sale for $21.99 only cost me $12!!!!  : )  

love a great bargain!  

next we went to target to return some stuff & have a bonanza at the dollar spot.  seriously, found lots of really cute notecards & notebooks & a few somethings special for some special peeps!  *laugh*  

and then ... we got to watch this dude play ball!!!  : )  

it was nice for bob to meet the boys & see phil & mom after a long while.  we had a good time chatting & hanging out, and then it was time for her to go back to her own boys.  *sniffle*  my plan had been to just come home & wallow in missing my friend, but thankfully i ended up being too busy to be anything but happy we got to hang out!!  : )  the boys wanted to hang out w/ gramma, so they went for ice cream & then picked me up.  

we ran a couple errands (picked up Read It And Weep, as you saw above!) & then went to mom's & played at the park.  anthony rode his bike & leyton rode his motorbike & mom & i walked.  : )  it was nice - even tho it sprinkled every once in awhile, it was mostly just cloudy.  warm enough that i didn't need a jacket, but not hot.  lovely!  

seriously so much fun!  even if the boys fought a little.  *laugh*  i love the picture of all three of them chasing each other & catching each other.  : )  at one point, we were heading back to the house, and mom forgot her video camera in the gazebo... d'oh!  glad i remembered it!  

when we got back to the house, anthony & i rested for a bit inside while mom & leyton were doing something outside.  *laugh*  then anthony & i joined them for some basketball.

 notice the seemingly floating ball?  hee!

leyton's got some good form!

after that had worked up our appetites, we decided to go to BWW.  oh, when they had picked me up, leyton wanted to get mr turtle out of my car & bring him w/ us.  so we did, of course... 

anyway, when we got to BWW they were PAAAACKED and the wait was like 1/2 an hour, so we went to IHOP instead.  leyton was not happy about this change, and as he didn't have a nap today, it got pretty ugly for a few minutes!  but then he was happy w/ IHOP, so it worked out alright!  

now watching some renegade & then it's sleepy time for carrie!  : )  hope your weekend is going as fabulously!  : )  ttfn!

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