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Friday, 22 April 2011

GOOD Friday

so far so good!  : )  very grateful to have today off!  got to sleep til 10, get some easter baskets together, watch some renegade.  mmmm.  wrestlers (jesse ventura, yes, he was a wrestler at one time!) guest starring!  as well as some familiar faces from walker.  woot woot!!  : )  

met mom & phil at tsunami buffet for lunch.  good times, good food, CUTE boys at the table next to ours, AND got to chat w/ my friend kris who was there w/ her mama.  : )  super fun!  i love running into ppl out & about.  sometimes that's the only time i see them!  of course, now days i am all about scheduling lunches & dinners & actually HANGING OUT w/ my friends.  a meal is a great place to hang out, imo.  good food, and lots of time to talk.  and unlimited refills!  

i came home for some more reno raines because that's how i roll.  lol  i'm glad i did, because if i'd done my shopping right after lunch, i would have missed the dude coming door to door to remind me about taking donations for one of our mobile home communities that was destroyed in north carolina last weekend.  i'm going to get a plastic bin & fill it w/ as much as i can for $20 - i'm thinking some diapers & wipes, a blanket (i have one left from christmas), and some toiletries, and a bag of the cans i got for the food drive, too.  mom was pretty much - "i don't have the money" and i totally understand, but we just went out to lunch for $20... and i'm taking leyton to a movie this afternoon for $20... so i think i can give $20 to someone in need.  especially because, if - God forbid - something happened here, we could be dependent on ppl elsewhere donating things for US.  

God has been blessing me w/ overtime, and w/ the money that bret did give me previously... you know?  anyway... if anyone is in the area & would like to donate anything, please let me know!  if you have an extra $5 and can buy a pair of shoes for a little one, or a pack of diapers (i know they cost more than $5)... if you have a food drive going at your work or collection bins around town, i encourage you to buy an extra can, an extra $.75, to put in the bin.  every little bit helps, and every little bit might help us someday... 

okay, that's all i have for now!  i'll be back w/ a review of Rio later!!  


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