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Monday, 4 April 2011

just another manic monday...

aye!  busy, busy day!  bret took his car to work, so i dropped off some mail & got a breakfast sammich & a soda on my way to work.  diet pepper...mmm...

my day was spent solving crime & ... oh, wait... what's my cover job again?  oh, yes, solving issues, and working on claims.  ; )  really not a lot went on today, other than a really LONG phone call w/ a customer who spent 1/2 the call complaining about our health insurance company!  they were realllllly unhappy, and i can't blame them after what they've been through, but... i couldn't really help w/ anything concerning the health insurance company, either!  i was just quite happy they weren't upset w/ ME!  heh.

i'd planned to stay til 6 to get all the bookings vacations done, but remembered i had to get groceries, so i just prepped everything & left at 5:15.  went to walgreens (because after not having a cigarette nearly all day yesterday, i finally picked up a pack this morning - and then realized i'd left my lighter on the desk!  d'oh!!!) & then hy vee.  $100 and 1/2 an hour later... lol  i finally headed home!  

made grilled cheese & tomato soup for me & bret, and i have to say that i make a really good grilled cheese!  i never used to... lol  oh, i added PB to mine, so i really had a grilled PB & cheese sammich w/ tomato soup.  and it was YUMMY!  : )  tomorrow i may try grilled PB & banana... 

bret borrowed my car to go to men's Bible study, so i watched some Walker & then a really awesome episode of The Good Wife.  that show is so awesome!!  

now, sleep is seriously calling my name!  i'll leave you w/ three postcrossings - two from china and one from taiwan.  i like them all a lot!  

especially princess kitty!  : )  

i hope everyone has a great night & a TANTALIZING TUESDAY!  : )  

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